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      “I hereby command you: Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

(Joshua 1:9)

In this week’s newsletter you will read about new Commission and PTC board members, a list of dates and descriptions to help maneuver the last weeks of school, Fun Run info, EWTN video highlighting Seattle Archdiocese program, Track and Field update, Playground Angels for May and June, new religion curriculum, the saint of the week, Volunteer of the Year Award survey, our ACS “Year of the Arts” and Multicultural Potluck in May, hiring Library/Media Specialist announcement, Student Ambassador applications being accepted, employment opportunities, upcoming events and much more!  

Thank you for reading.

May is the month that we honor and celebrate all of our mothers. And the Catholic Church in her wisdom also honors Mary, Our Blessed Mother Mary, during May. On Friday, May 5th, we will have our May Crowning Prayer Service at 8:15 in the church. All are welcome to come. Remember to bring a flower from home or the store to put in vases for Mary. Please bring your rosary to school for the prayer service.

Principal Appreciation Day Surprise

We were able to surprise Mr. Anderson in many ways on Monday. There were cards, balloons, and a video of singing and well wishes. Needless to say, he is very loved and appreciated from the staff and families here at Assumption Catholic School. Thank you for helping us all on our paths to heaven Mr. Anderson. You are AMAZING!

Welcoming new Commission and PTC members

Thank you to all of the parents who attended the discernment for School Commission on Wednesday, April 19th. We are pleased to welcome the following members to begin their three-year terms in the 2023-2024 school year: Jessica Baldwin, Mike Shoff, Holly Zech, Mark Wheeler, and Claudia Liu.

Catholic Lifesaver Corps part of Living Works

The Archdiocese of Seattle was highlighted in a story on EWTN (the Catholic network) regarding an innovative new suicide prevention program that is led by peers in the high schools. We invite you to watch the short video to see how this program has really taken off and been a great ministry for our Catholic schools.

Cutting-Edge Suicide Prevention Program in the Archdiocese of Seattle | EWTN News In Depth

Religion curriculum

As many of you know, this was a curriculum review year for our religion text and the teachers have been working together since January to ensure that we are selecting the best text for our students. Although we will be continuing with Blest Are We from RCL Benzinger for our Family Life curriculum only, next year’s religion curriculum for grades K-5 will be Word of Life from the Augustine Institute. Since they don’t have a middle school program yet, the upper grades will be added as the new Word of Life curriculum is rolled out in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades starting in 2024-2025.

Library Media Specialist has been hired!

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Maggie Kim has been hired to move into the Library Media Specialist position for the upcoming school year. She will continue to also be the school’s reading specialist for grades K-5, and it will fit with her schedule to then add this library position, as well. We want to say another thank you to Mrs. Nancy Smith who has been our librarian these past nine years and wish her all the best in what comes next!

Congratulations to our confirmandants

Last week some of our seventh and eighth graders will be received the Sacrament of Confirmation at Church of the Assumption. We were so grateful to have Archbishop Etienne present, as well as Fr. Moore, Fr. Ross, Deacon Pollard, and visiting priest Fr. Mike.  Please join us in congratulating the following Assumption School students:

Ngansi Atem, Jordan Blas, Julian Dales, Marcos Hernandez, Aedan Kennedy, Liam Krzysiek, Mark Lockhart, Angel Ngo, Fatima Aguilar-Ordonez, Pablo Aguilar-Ordonez, Ava Patelli, Lexie Peralta, Timothy Smith, Genevieve Thomas, Bernardo Torres-Duque, Stella Wolf, Madeline Zankich

Join Us on the Playground!

Our children’s safety is a top priority!

 Your help in keeping recess fun and safe is so appreciated!

May sign up link  

June sign up link

Student Ambassadors for


An email was sent to all parents and students in grades 5-7 with an invitation to apply to be a Student Ambassador for the upcoming school year. You can find the invitation here (Insert link ) and applications are due on Monday, May 15th. Student Ambassadors help with Open Houses, lead assemblies, and help to coordinate Spirit Days throughout the year. They also make the announcements in the morning and are our “leaders” in the school to help with events. We encourage all students in grades 5-7 to apply.

The Sweet Countdown to the End of the Year!

Celebrations and special days make the end of the school year light and bright. For new and veteran families, here are endnotes on the fun, final school days at Assumption.

Friday, May 5th, 2023

May Crowning prayer service in honor of Our Blessed Mother Mary. All are welcome to come to the church at 8:15am. Mrs. Eusebio’s eighth grade class will be leading us through the prayers of a decade of the rosary and crowning Mary with flowers.

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Missoula Children’s Theater is happening this week!  Plan to come and support our actresses and actors in their performances of Rumpelstiltskin. Shows will be held at 1:00 and 3:00 pm. Admission is by donation (optional). See Assumption students transform (in just one week!) into a fun-loving, powerhouse acting troupe, thanks to the two directors from Missoula Children’s Theater.

 Remember to pack a snack for your children participating in the rehearsals. They are here until 7pm this week. Remember to pack a lunch for Saturday May 6th for them to eat between shows which are at 1pm and 3pm.

Amanda and Patrick are requesting a parent volunteer to work the audio during both performances on Saturday. A couple could split the responsibility so each would still have a chance to enjoy a show. If you’re interested in helping with this or to supervise rehearsals after school, PLEASE SIGN UP:

Thank you for helping to ensure that the show can go on!

Wednesday, May 8 – Friday, May 12

Primary school days! Starting on Monday, May 8, the middle school students will be away from school for their overnight field trips. Sixth grade will be at Camp Hamilton from May 10 to May 12; seventh grade will be in Portland from May 9 to May 12; and eighth grade will be in Washington D.C. for the whole week. Please pray for safe travels for all of our middle school students, teachers and chaperones during this busy time.

Parents of the primary grades, come be a Playground Angel. Or, if you haven’t been able to make a Friday School Mass, consider attending. And you do not have to be Catholic to come to Mass! See Mrs. Jane Town’s second-grade greeters, readers, and gift-bringers lead the Friday, May 12, 8:15 Mass.

Thursday, May 18

A favorite school tradition, 1-3 pm: the 38th Annual Ellen Anderson Memorial Fun Run. Cheer on your favorite athlete. If you can, volunteer.

Friday, May 19

Another cherished school event returns (post-pandemic), 5-7 pm: Night of the Arts and Multicultural Potluck. Experience the amazing arts program at our beloved school, in exhibits and student performances. Sign up to help volunteer or bring a dish to share.

 (link here) Please present your food item in an easy grab and go fashion, served up like an appetizer.

Friday, May 26

After the 8:15 school Mass, come to the Volunteer Appreciation & Award Reception at 9:15 am. This celebration is for ALL parents because all parents generously give time as school volunteers. Enjoy baked goods, coffee, and tea, provided by teachers and staff. Stay a bit longer for the Teacher Farewell (for Mrs. Whelan and Mrs. Smith), which immediately follows at 10 am.

Thursday, June 8

Graduation rehearsal from 10 am to 11:30 am in the church. (Graduates only)

Graduation luncheon for eighth graders and their parents, put on by the current seventh-grade students and parents. (Seventh and eighth graders only)

Eighth-grade graduation will be in the church, 5-6 pm. While graduates and families will fill all the front pews, any Assumption family is welcome.

Tuesday, June 13

Last day of preschool.

Wednesday, June 14

Last day of school for K-8. On the official last day of school, the End of Year Prayer Service & Moving-up Ceremony at 10:30 am, presented in the church, is perfectly scaled, providing a fitting endpoint for this year as well as a new harbor for the year ahead. Come to the church (with Kleenex!), as your child says good-bye to this year’s teacher and moves up, greeted by the next teacher for the coming year. Don’t miss this lovely, wrap-around, Catholic-Christian send-off to summer.

EARLY RELEASE at 11:45 am, following an end-of-year slideshow in the gym that all are welcome to attend.

Teacher Appreciation Week May 1st to 5th 

Thank you for the amazing lunch on Monday! The teachers and staff feel grateful and loved. 

Please refer to communication from your Room Parents on ways to show your appreciation for our wonderful teachers during the week.  

Mother’s Day Basket Pickup

Thank you for supporting Assumption Catholic School’s Class of 2023 with your purchase of a Mother’s Day Flower Basket!  Baskets are arriving Friday May 5th and will be available for pickup that afternoon, Friday from 3-4 pm.  We will have a second pickup time on Saturday morning from 10-11:30 am.  Both will be in the school gym.  

You will be able to choose your own basket(s) from a variety of both sun and shade baskets delivered by Van Wingerden Nursery.  There are a few baskets that we have not received payment for and we ask that you please bring cash or check to pick up (made out to Assumption Catholic School.) Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you so much!

Lynette Machinski

8th grade room parent

BHS Girls Basketball Summer Camp

Please see details on the flyer in your Wednesday envelopes today.  This camp is for girls in grades 3-6 ( Session One ) or girls in grades 7-9 ( Session Two ). 

The camp features: fun, basketball skills, fundamentals, positive teaching, personal attention and coaching for your player from BHS head women’s basketball coach, James Wolverton, staff, and high school players.

Amazing Volunteer, Maggie Harbick, helping out with meals!

Maggie volunteered at the meal packing event at school this weekend. She got to use a heat sealer to seal off the bags of food and she used a scale to make sure the final product was within the goal weight of 390-395gm. It contained rice, beans, dehydrated vegetables, and vitamin powder. Each bag contained 6 meals. Each case contained 36 bags. This group of over 100 volunteers packed up over 37,000 meals! It was amazing and rewarding. They are being shipped to Sierra Leone. 

Volunteer of the Year, Eighth-Grade Parent Awards, and Servant Award

Last chance! Please nominate your favorite volunteer or eighth-grade parents for end-of-year awards.

  • Thank you to all the families that turned in their T-shirt order forms. We are excited to see everyone in their colors! We would also like to recognize our Sponsors for helping us reach our fundraising goal!
  • Keep those pledges coming in! 5th grade has soared into the lead with $1200.00 as a class total! Can they keep their lead? We are almost halfway to our goal! We are currently at $9,866.00.
  • Pledges earn 1 raffle ticket for every $10 raised!
  • Thank you to everyone that has signed up to make this event successful for our students. There are just a few volunteer opportunities left. Please sign up if you are able sign up genius here


Track and Field at Meridian, April 27th

Shout out to all our volunteers at the Meridian Meet!

Assigned to the high jump, the Bachmeiers stayed for the final fight between two 8th graders from opposing teams as they battled it out.  Lynette Machinski helped them out until the last hour.

Dayna Dennis and Michelle Brown ran the discuss.

Mrs. Eusebio ran the girl’s long jump, so nice to have a teacher attend one of our meets!

Connie Faria and Luciana Powell organized the shotput.

Volunteers such at these allow us to have events such as this.  We cannot succeed without them.

Next meet, qualifiers at Mt. Baker, Tuesday, May 2.  Stay tuned for final results—records have been broken!


Results from all meets can be found at

Coaches Rush, Costanza


The following PTC board positions have been filled. Thank you to all the parents that showed an interest and we are so grateful to have the following on our executive board.


** PTC SECRETARY: Lacey Sutton

** PTC DEPOSITOR: Holly Vincent

PTC General Meeting resources

Patti Hoelzle presented at last week’s meeting, and we are so grateful for her time and resources. She discussed parenting in a post-pandemic world and how to foster a child’s “secure base” while giving them the freedom to take risks. If you missed it, she has graciously recorded the presentation here: Presentation link

Ms. Hoelzle also has provided resources for families- great books and articles to help you in the parenting process. Patti Hoelzle resources including a video: Click Here


We still have employment opportunities for 2023-2024!

The school has been interviewing for some of the following positions, but they haven’t been filled yet. Please continue to pass the word if you know anyone qualified and interested in: Spanish K-5 and Physical Education/EDP Director LINK HERE


We hope that you will enjoy learning about how saints are a great example of holiness, strength, and courage one day at a time. Please remember that your name and guess of each week’s saint needs to be in by Tuesday afternoon.  The drawing of all correct answers happens on Wednesday morning.  Thank you to all the students submitting their answers.

Last week: St. George

Congratulations: No guesses for last week.

New Saint: Born around 296 A.D. of a Christian family in Alexandria, Egypt, and given a classical education, he became secretary to Alexander, the bishop of Alexandria, entered the priesthood and was eventually named bishop himself. His predecessor, Alexander, had been an outspoken critic of a new movement growing in the East—Arianism.

When he assumed his role as bishop of Alexandria, he continued the fight against Arianism. At first, it seemed that the battle would be easily won, and that Arianism would be condemned. Such, however, did not prove to be the case. The Council of Tyre was called and for several reasons that are still unclear, the Emperor Constantine exiled this saintly bishop to northern Gaul. This was to be the first in a series of travels and exiles reminiscent of the life of Saint Paul.

After Constantine died, his son restored this saint as bishop. This lasted only a year, however, for he was deposed once again by a coalition of Arian bishops. Then he took his case to Rome, and Pope Julius I called a synod to review the case and other related matters.

Five times he was exiled for his defense of the doctrine of Christ’s divinity. During one period of his life, he enjoyed 10 years of relative peace—reading, writing, and promoting the Christian life along the lines of the monastic ideal to which he was greatly devoted. His dogmatic and historical writings are almost all polemic, directed against every aspect of Arianism.

Among his ascetical writings, his Life of St. Anthony achieved astonishing popularity and contributed greatly to the establishment of monastic life throughout the Western Christian world.


He suffered many trials while he was bishop of Alexandria. He was given the grace to remain strong against what probably seemed at times to be insurmountable opposition. Athanasius lived his office as bishop completely. He defended the true faith for his flock, regardless of the cost to himself. In today’s world we are experiencing this same call to remain true to our faith, no matter what.


  • May 1-6th – Missoula Children’s Theatre with performances May 6th
  • May 1-18th – MAP TESTING
  • May 3rd – School Mass @ 8:15am Dress Uniform (WEDNESDAY)
  • May 5th – May Crowning for Blessed Mother Mary- Prayer Service 8:15 Dress Uniform
  • May 5th/6th – Mother’s Day Basket will be here for pick up.
  • May 6th – MCT Performances at 1pm and 3pm in the gym
  • May 8th– 12th – The 8th grade class in Washington D.C.
  • May 9th -12th – The 7th grade class in Portland, Oregon.
  • May 10th– 12th – The 6th grade class to Camp Hamilton.
  • May 14th – Mother’s Day
  • May 15th – Pizza Lunch Day
  • May 17th – Early Release Day @ 11:45am.
  • May 18th – 39th Ellen Anderson Fun Run
  • May 18th – Choir practice for grades 3-8th grade at 3-5pm after school.
  • May 19th – Our “Night of the Arts” and multicultural potluck from 5-7pm

Have a blessed day!