The Scrip/RaiseRight program through the Parent/Teacher Club raises almost $25,000 for the school each year through dividends paid to the school from thousands of local and national businesses. Each Assumption family is responsible for returning $200 ($100 for single-parent families) in dividends to the school through purchasing Scrip gift cards or ordering online. For example, if a family purchases $100 in Fred Meyer Scrip, 4% ($4) is given to the school, and that $4 is deducted from that family’s commitment. Scrip Order Form

Scrip can be purchased in a few ways:
1. Send an order/check through the Wednesday Parent Envelope and pick up during regular SCRIP office hours.
2. Come to the SCRIP office at the following times to purchase what’s available in stock.

  • Tuesday and Thursday, 2:45-3:15 pm
  • Wednesday and Friday, 7:45-8:15 am
  • Summer hours are the same as the office (most days) 9am-3:30 pm 

3. Purchase electronic Scrip online at Raise Right (formerly

Pay by check to the school or set up Presto Pay on the Raise Right website.

The enrollment code for Assumption Catholic School is: 4C867CAA1126

For questions, please contact Angie King @ .