Health Policies

Assumption Catholic School opened for in-person learning on September 2nd. To comply with the Whatcom County Health Department and the Office of Catholic Schools, the following protocols and procedures have been established. As of Monday, October 19, the school has had zero cases of known COVID-19 among the school’s staff and students. However, all students with any symptoms are required to test for COVID-19 or isolate for a period of 10 days. Approximately 30 students have been tested since the first day of school, and all results have been negative.
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Distance Learning Plan

We are committed to making sure that students continue to experience the care and commitment of our faculty and the routine of daily learning, even in the event of school closure. Please click here to access our detailed plan.
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Slide Inclusive Community         We are an inclusive community of Catholic families and families of all faiths.

Slide Affordable & Accessible         ACS is not elitist. It is the oldest private school in Bellingham, serving third and fourth-generation families of Whatcom County. One-fourth of families receive tuition assistance.

Slide Ethnically Diverse         Our school is more ethnically diverse than many schools in Whatcom County. Spanish is taught K-8. Heritages are honored and celebrated.

Wednesday Parent Newsletter 1.20.2021

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  In this week’s news, you’ll find school COVID updates, Growing Great Kids Auction news, plans to resume 3:00 dismissal, February safety volunteer needs, recognition of our students completing the December Fitness Challenge, this week’s school Mass schedule, meal needs from the Care & Concern ministry, PTC news including how to secure your very own… Read More
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Welcome to Assumption Catholic School

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Assumption Catholic School shares a rich history of 106 years of traditional, Catholic education. It has always been a school that prepares students to go into the world and to share their gifts and talents. High school teachers in Whatcom County will tell us that Assumption graduates are extremely well prepared for high school because they have learned how to study, how to think critically, and how to embrace challenges.

This traditional education didn’t stop when, on March 15th, the governor declared, “Stay home, stay healthy.” By the next day, our qualified and exceptional teachers began a newly developed Distance Learning Program. Equipped with some technical know-how and limited training on Microsoft Teams and Seesaw, the teachers embraced the challenge with the same initiative and enthusiasm they bring every day…
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families surveyed list Academic Excellence and Community as their #1 reason for choosing Assumption.


of families agree that faith and spiritual development meets or exceeds their expectations


of families scored 9 or 10 when asked on a scale of 1-10, how likely the parent is to recommend our school