7th Grade Classes and Teachers

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Seventh Grade Religion Samantha Ernest sernest@school.assumption.org 
Seventh Grade Social Studies

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Marc Costanza


In the News revised with christian values



Works of Mercy

Seventh Grade Language Arts Marc Costanza mcostanza@school.assumption.org 
Seventh Grade Literature Betsy Gottschalk bgottschalk@school.assumption.org
Seventh Grade Science Samantha Ernest sernest@school.assumption.org
Seventh Grade Math Jill VonFeldt jvonfeldt@school.assumption.org
Seventh Grade Math Karen Evans kevans@school.assumption.org
Art K-8 Betsy Gottschalk bgottschalk@school.assumption.org
Music K-8 Liza Beshara lizabeshara@school.assumption.org
Physical Education K-8 Regina Campbell  rcampbell@school.assumption.org
Spanish K-8 Cristina Pavon cpavon@school.assumption.org