The School Commission is an advisory council that supports the principal and pastor in the operation, policy, and strategy of Assumption Catholic School. Unlike a traditional school board, the Commission is not a voting group that directly approves or implements these aspects. Rather, the Commission acts in service of the school consultatively to the principal and pastor as decision makers. In this regard, the Commission serves to prioritize and lead efforts across the school and county parishes to drive both the near and long term success of Assumption Catholic School.

In the spirit of collaboration, the Commission recognizes the role and authority of the pastor and the principal as his delegate, while the pastor and principal respect the authentic witness and expertise offered by the commission members. All parties work collaboratively to build consensus.

The Commission meets its agenda through individual member and subcommittee efforts during once monthly meetings throughout the school year. Standing subcommittees facilitate progress on ongoing core priorities (Marketing, Buildings & Grounds, Strategic Planning), while ad hoc subcommittees may be formed at the discretion of the Commission to drive the delivery of a specific initiative (Transportation). A further important function is to liaise with key stakeholders (PTC, Foundation, County Parishes) in strong relationships to engage and deliver the school mission.

The Commission holds themselves accountable to the principal and pastor to deliver the goals set out for the group. With a term of 3 years, three to four members of the 10 person Commission roll off of their duties each year. Given the diverse set of goals the group can prioritize across that time, finding new members with the talents, values, and drive to help deliver the Commission agenda is critical.

Members with business, strategy, construction, marketing, legal, fundraising, financial planning, and education are always sought.

Please contact the Commission Chair or Principal for more information about how you can play a part in the future of the Commission!

Assumption Catholic School Commission Members for 2019-2020

Aimee Langdon-Bachmeier—Chairman

Tara Gilligan Reimer—Vice Chairman

Joseph Correa

Matt Daheim

Duane Dales
Meryluz Duque
Mike Harbick

Natalie Milligan

Andy Remien

Carolina Santos

George Sidhu