Curriculum Overview

The Assumption Physical Education Curriculum provides instruction in a variety of movement forms that develop motor skills, and improve the individuals’ fitness level, while developing respectful social behavior and enjoyment for being active. 

Instruction is guided by a skill continuum, is age-appropriate, and progresses in complexity for students to achieve physical literacy. There is great variability among individual children as to when they will master certain skills. Emphasis is placed on participation for learning

At Assumption Catholic School the Physical Education expectations align with the School-wide Learning Expectations (SLE).                                                                Physical Education Daily Rubric (SLE’s and WA standard)

  1. Am I compassionate, playing fair and helping others with skills and rules? PE4.2
  2. Do I use problem solving skills and self-motivation to include others and work collaboratively?  PE4.4
  3. Am I an active listener who can receive and give feedback that encourages confidence and self- expression? PE4.3
  4. Am I responsible for my behavior caring for the sacredness of others? PE4.1/ 4.5

Kindergarten through 3rd grade

For Body Management Competence the student will demonstrate: Control of the body on the floor, across the floor, in flight, on apparatus, with emphasis on balance, coordination, laterality, directionality, and spatial judgments; and identification of body parts and postural efficiency.

For Fundamental skills the student will demonstrate: Loco motor (walk, run, hop, skip, slide, leap, jump, gallop, stop, dodge, change direction);  Non-loco motor (bend, twist, reach, lift, raise, lower, turn, curl, stretch, bridge, rock, balance);  Manipulative (throw, catch, volley, kick, bat, strike, bounce, dribble, balance, jump rope).

For specific skills the student will demonstrate proficiency in modified games of tag and sports; rhythmic, tumbling, and fitness activities.

4th through 8th grade 

The students will demonstrate and apply WA State standards through a variety of activities and sports: tennis, flag football, bicycle safety and fitness, rugby, gymnastics, stunting, basketball, rockwall climbing, bowling, team handball, dancing, inline skating, skiing/snowboarding, ice skating, volleyball, hockey, inline hockey, pickleball, badminton, lacrosse, soccer, water safety and fitness, fishing, disc golf, ultimate Frisbee, track and field, and fitness development and testing.

If a student needs temporary excuse from physical activity a note is expected from the Dr. and/or parent describing the activity level limitations, and length of time of temporary excuse. The student will be expected to participate with a specific assignment that may include part of their physical therapy, officiating from the side lines, guided observation of students or teacher, or written work specific to lesson content. A note from Dr. and/or parent is necessary for the students return to full activity. 

Mrs. Regina Campbell