My goal is to introduce both individual as well as team sports/activities and promote fitness habits so that students will choose to participate and engage in healthy activities for a lifetime.  Personal best, cooperation, conflict resolution, positive self-image, sportsmanship and teamwork are emphasized throughout every unit.

Each grade will have PE  2 times a week.


Grades for PE are based on a 4 point per day grading system.  Students will be given one point for successfully completing each of the following:

  • Preparedness
  • Behavior
  • Effort
  • Attendance

Grades will be updated and posted every two weeks on FACTS.


Students are encouraged to participate in 30 minutes of exercise on days they do not participate in PE.  Older students will need to study for tests/quizzes.

Tests/Quizzes (for 6th-8th grade only)

Tests, quizzes, and classroom-based assessments will also be given throughout the course of the year reviewing concepts in fitness, rules, and skill development in many of the units covered.  Students are expected to do their best in all aspects of health and fitness.


If a student has an injury or an illness and cannot participate that day, a note describing the activity level limitations and length of time they need to be excused for is required.  The student may be expected to participate with a specific assignment that may include part of their physical therapy, officiating from the side lines, guided observation of students, or written work specific to the lesson content.  A note from the Dr. and/or parent is necessary for the students return to full activity.

Dress for Success in PE

Students are expected to wear shoes that are supportive.


If a student has an injury or an illness and cannot participate for that day, a note from a parent and/or doctor is required to excuse them.  For students in grades 6-8 a long-term injury or illness will require them to complete a written PE make-up assignment or independent study until they are able to fully participate in PE.

Discipline Procedures

My goal is to deal fairly, promptly, and consistently with all students.  I use a 3 strikes approach called “On the Bench”.

Strike 1:  Warning

Strike 2:  Time out or refocus.

Strike 3:  Note Home (K-5 Students fill out an “On the Bench” form that requires a parent signature the next day).

If the behavior is repetitive and is disrupting the learning environment, then a meeting with the parents is required.

Physical Education Units

4-Square (K-6)


Locomotor Skills (K-2)

Frisbee Play (5-6)

Fitness Testing (3-8 Fall and Spring)


Scooter Play

Floor Hockey ((5-8)

Gymnastics (K-8)

Dance (K-5)

Jump Rope (K-5)

Spike ball ((7-8)


Racquet Play (lead up games to pickleball and badminton)

Cosmic Bowling

Skiing and Ice Skating (6-8)


The best way to contact me is through email. You can also call my school phone at 360-733-6133 Extension 4340. We are a team!  I am available for student-parent-teacher conferences with an appointment.

Kristi Eager