Welcome to Assumption Catholic School!

8th & 7th Grade

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given by God.” Romans 12:6 (NIV)

Assumption Catholic School shares a rich history of 106 years of traditional, Catholic education. It has always been a school that prepares students to go into the world and to share their gifts and talents. High school teachers in Whatcom County will tell us that Assumption graduates are extremely well prepared for high school because they have learned how to study, how to think critically, and how to embrace a challenge.

Beginning in preschool, students at Assumption learn the importance of compassion and kindness. At the same time, they are given the academic knowledge to be successful while aspiring to be artists, musicians, and athletes. Parents, as their primary educators, partner with teachers to foster things like creativity, communication, and collaboration. These parents are volunteers in the school as classroom helpers, yard supervision, and one of multiple school committees. Tuition remains affordable thanks to these supportive families.

Because of parent involvement, teachers are able to focus on their teaching and move students efficiently through the curriculum. Teachers focus on learning for ALL students, including remediation and enrichment when appropriate. Students are given skills at all levels to be successful. Technology skills are a significant part of their world, which is why the school adopted a one-to-one laptop program for all students in grades 5-8. But more importantly, they need to know how to navigate this world of immediate information and new communication. Students learn how to balance this world with time to play, to read, and to interact face-to-face.

These skills and this balance are necessary for every child growing up in the world today regardless of background or socioeconomic status. Assumption is not just a school for the elite or the privileged. Twenty-seven of the current families are receiving financial assistance and the school prides itself on its growing ethnic diversity. It’s also a school for Catholic families and those from other religious backgrounds. The school’s diversity is what allows students to engage in authentic conversations and have true dialogue about the issues they face in today’s culture. Families new to our school will say that their favorite aspect of this school community is the way they’ve been welcomed.

It has been a pleasure to be serving as the principal here since 2016, and I am grateful for the loyalty and dedication of our teachers and staff- many of whom have been here for more than fifteen years. We welcome a new priest administrator this year, Fr. Jeff Moore, and look forward to implementing his vision for the parish and school.

In Christ,
Dan Anderson, Principal