Welcome to Assumption Catholic School


May 5, 2020

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given by God.” Romans 12:6 (NIV)

Assumption Catholic School shares a rich history of 106 years of traditional, Catholic education. It has always been a school that prepares students to go into the world and to share their gifts and talents. High school teachers in Whatcom County will tell us that Assumption graduates are extremely well prepared for high school because they have learned how to study, how to think critically, and how to embrace challenges.

This traditional education didn’t stop when, on March 15th, the governor declared, “Stay home, stay healthy.” By the next day, our qualified and exceptional teachers began a newly developed Distance Learning Program. Equipped with some technical know-how and limited training on Microsoft Teams and Seesaw, the teachers embraced the challenge with the same initiative and enthusiasm they bring every day. But this time the challenge looked different. For teachers, it meant that the days would be twice as long and the learning curve would be twice as steep, but they managed to make this seamless transition into online learning from a distance with the help of an incredible parent partnership.

Because of parent involvement, teachers are able to focus on their teaching and move students efficiently through the curriculum. Teachers focus on learning for ALL students, including remediation for those with learning differences and enrichment for high achievers. Technology skills are a significant in their world, which is why every student has a laptop in grades 5-8. This has become even more important in the face of a new online platform and all communication being done through Microsoft Teams meetings, email, and virtual conferencing. In the midst of this new online learning and technology, teachers and parents still embrace balance that comes from being a well-rounded student to include the arts, physical activity, spirituality, and creativity.

This balance is necessary for every child growing up in the world today and we want Assumption to be an option for any family who wants to be here. It is not a school simply for the elite or the privileged. Twenty-five percent of the current families are receiving financial assistance and in the current crisis, many parishioners and school families have come forward to provide additional tuition assistance. Private, independent schools in Whatcom County offer a variety of unique opportunities, and Assumption is a good fit for many families looking for a traditional, faith

It has been a pleasure to be serving as the principal here since 2016, and I am grateful for the loyalty and dedication of our teachers and staff- many of whom have been here for more than fifteen years. Please join me in celebrating and honoring two retiring teachers this year who have been here for 30 years or more- Regina Campbell and Betsy Gottschalk. Thank you for your service to our school community and the over 600 lives you’ve influenced in your time with our school.

Yours in Christ,

Dan Anderson, Principal