Parent Teacher Club

PTC group 2019-20

2019 PTC Executive Board: (left to right) Meryluz Duque (Commission Liaison), Paige McClurg (Faculty Representative), Lisa Wenzel (Secretary), Annique Quinn (Treasurer-Depositor), Principal Dan Anderson, Jessica Sidhu (Volunteer Coordinator), Shanae Strayer (VP), Sara Rush (President), Father Jeffrey Moore, Nate Twining (Treasurer)


The Parent Teacher Club (PTC) at Assumption Catholic School has a membership of every parent and/or guardian of every student in the school. The primary purpose of the PTC is to be the “fund” and “fun” raising arms of School Commission, but also to build a community-minded atmosphere at ACS. It is responsible to seek out and fill all necessary volunteer roles for the school year; from Hot Lunch to Picture Day to the very successful annual Auction.

The PTC prompts open communication among parents, teachers, and administration, promotes goodwill and cooperation between and among parents, faculty, Administration, School Commission, and the parishes of Assumption, Sacred Heart and the Northwest Corner Catholic Community churches, and fosters the political action of parents as advocates regarding national, state, and local legislation affecting the operation of the school and learning of the students.