Current Volunteer Opportunities

Check here often for current volunteer needs. Please see each individual posting for who to contact and how to sign up. For questions, please contact Fatima Peralta at

Thank you!

Non-fundraising Commitment Hours

  • June Playground Angels are still needed! There are still several days in June without any coverage to assist Mrs. Town outside. Please don’t stop now! It’s more important than ever to have more eyes on our students at play. Sign up here:

  June Sign-Up

Each family is required to give 40 volunteer hours (20 hours for a single-parent family) to the school and 5 hours to the church where they are registered, if applicable.  At least half of your volunteer hours should be met by contributing to fundraising activities such as the Spaghetti Dinner, Holy Hoops, and the Growing Great Kids Auction. After May 15th, any unfulfilled hours will be billed at a rate of $20 per unfulfilled hour on the June 1st statement. Keep track of your hours but visiting our new Volunteer Portal (coming soon).  


Cada familia esta requerida a contribuir 40 horas voluntarias a la escuela (20 horas si es un padre soltero) y 5 horas a la parroquia a la que pertenecen, si corresponde. Al menos la mitad de sus horas voluntarias deben contribuir a actividades de recaudacion de fondos tales como el Spaghetti Dinner, Holy Hoops, y la subasta Growing Great Kids. Despues de Mayo 15, cualquier hora no cumplida sera facturada a un precio de $20 cada una en la factura de Junio 1ro. Mantenga un registro de sus horas en nuestro nuevo Portal de Voluntarios. (Proximamente)