Current Volunteer Opportunities

Check here often for current volunteer needs. Please see each individual postings for who to contact and how to sign up. For questions, please contact Jessica Sidhu at

Please fill out our Parent Volunteer Survey of Skills! Click here for the document, which you can either turn into the office or send back in a Wednesday Parent Envelope!


Non-Fundraising Commitment Hours

  • Building Help

There is a need for help with some small projects around the building while Craig Lingbloom (maintenance and custodian) is out with an injury until October 16th. One of these includes mounting a 75″ television in the teacher workroom on the north wall. Basic construction know-how is required and because of the weight of the tv, two volunteers would be needed. Please contact the office if you are able to help with this.


  •    Playground Angels 

There are still of openings for October Sign up here!


  •    Mass Assistance

Our Friday school mass Sacristan, Tashie, is always looking for assistance for School masses. Show up at 9:45 to assist her in preparation for mass and earn school or church volunteer hours.


Fundraising Commitment Hours

  • Grant Writers Needed!

We are looking for anyone who may be interested in assisting us with writing a grant or two for a couple of projects that we are hoping to work on. The largest project is for a new playground! There are many grants out there available for playgrounds that we would be eligible for, we just need your writing skills to help us try and get them!  The other project is for an exciting physical education package for Mrs. Campbell. If you have experience in writing grants or have a knack for acquiring money for a cause, please contact Sara Rush at 360-556-2271 or


Selling Scrip is an easy way to earn your fundraising hours. We need sellers for the following times:

Tuesday              2:45 – 3:15

Wednesday        7:45 – 8:15

Thursday            2:45 – 3:15

Friday                 7:45 – 8:15

You don’t have to be available every week to sell.  Sell on one day a week or one day a month.  Our schedule is flexible!  Please email Angie King at and let me know if you are interested in selling Scrip and what days you are available!





Cada familia esta requerida a contribuir 40 horas voluntarias a la escuela (20 horas si es un padre soltero) y 5 horas a la parroquia a la que pertenecen, si corresponde. Al menos la mitad de sus horas voluntarias deben contribuir a actividades de recaudacion de fondos tales como el Spaghetti Dinner, Holy Hoops, y la subasta Growing Great Kids. Despues de Mayo 15, cualquier hora no cumplida sera facturada a un precio de $20 cada una en la factura de Junio 1ro. Mantenga un registro de sus horas en nuestro nuevo Portal de Voluntarios. (Proximamente)