Slide Inclusive Community         We are an inclusive community of Catholic families and families of all faiths.



Slide Body Mind Spirit



Slide Affordable & Accessible         ACS is not elitist. It is the oldest private school in Bellingham, serving third and fourth-generation families of Whatcom County. One-fourth of families receive tuition assistance.



Slide Ethnically Diverse         Our school is more ethnically diverse than many schools in Whatcom County. Spanish is taught K-8. Heritages are honored and celebrated.



Slide “We wanted our child to have the same formal education we had in Mexico—the same vales, higher standards, and faith formation. Providing a Catholic education for our child is not an expense: this is the best investment we can make for her.”

— Luis and Marta Herrera
Slide “I chose Assumption Catholic School because of the commitment to raising community-minded children along with the advanced academic work. It was also very clear that my child would receive a more personalized education.”

- Jamie Thomas
Slide “I love the hands on learning my Kindergartner experiences in the classroom. From learning about physics by building a car ramp to learning about engineering through building [a] foundation—my son is engaged while learning!”

– Bridget Trosin
Slide “We chose Assumption for the opportunity for in-person learning. The ability to pivot with the fluidity of COVID-19 stood out not just a good alternative to remote learning but the best opportunity for our child. The stability and academics were important aspects of our choice.”

- Carrie Veldman
Slide “Assumption School has been instrumental in giving our child a challenging curriculum and develop-ing him as a compassionate and well-rounded individual. It is the best thing that has happened to our family since moving to Bellingham one year ago.”

- Stephanie Cramer
Slide “Our child transferred to Assumption and found the curriculum challenging — and he is thriving here. A reading specialist helped our son acclimate. The faculty do everything possible, like supporting learning differences, to help students succeed.”

- Al and Tara Reimer