Inclusive Community
Catholic and All Faiths
        We are an inclusive community of Catholic families and families of all faiths.



Body Mind Spirit



Affordable & Accessible
Not Elitist
        ACS is oldest private school in Bellingham, serving all of Whatcom County, and we are not elitist—one-third of families receive tuition assistance. All graduates are highly prepared for high school and college because of rigorous curricula and caring teachers. We inspire students to lead—not from prestige and achievement—but from compassion and virtue.



Ethnically Diverse
Something We Celebrate
        As a Catholic school, we are known for honoring ethnic diversity. Our school is more ethnically diverse than many schools in Whatcom County. Spanish is taught K-8. Our students will serve in a diverse world, so here they learn how to honor each other’s ethnic heritages.



“We wanted our child to have the same formal Catholic education we had in Mexico — the same values, higher standards, and faith formation. Providing a Catholic education for our children is not an expense: this is the best investment we can make for her.”

-Marta and Luis Herrera
“I chose Assumption Catholic School because of the commitment to raising community-minded children along with the advanced academic work. It was also very clear that my child would receive a more personalized education.”

- Jamie Thomas
“At Assumption Catholic School, students are provided with a personal formation experience grounded in the mind, body and spirit. It's not just what they learn that's amazing — it's who they become while doing so.”

- Cindy and Jamie Klein
“We are bilingual, and we are welcome here! We were afraid Catholic school would feel exclusive. But here, every child is educated in a caring atmosphere. Diversity — in ethnicity and experience — is celebrated.”

- MeryLuz Duque-Soto and Bernardo Torres-Ariza
“We chose to send our daughters to Assumption Catholic School because of its academic rigor, commitment to diversity, and promotion of Catholic values. Assumption Catholic School was worth every penny spent.”

- Sonia and Tom Hayes
“Our child transferred to Assumption and found the curriculum challenging — and he is thriving here. A reading specialist helped our son acclimate. The faculty do everything possible, like supporting learning differences, to help students succeed.”

- Tara and Al Reimer