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In this week’s newsletter you can read about our Christmas Program, Growing Great Kids Auction:sponsorship and procurements, boys basketball schedule , Playground Angels for December, parent satisfaction survey, Red and Green Day Wednesday, swag survey, Middle School youth Christmas party, PTC news, tuition assistance applications due, Arts Festival downtown, childcare offered December 15th, Shop for Schools, yearbook wants your pictures, uniform changes, lost and found, the saint trivia and much more. 

Thank you for reading!

Playground Angels Needed through Christmas break!

We understand it is a busy time for all yet we need your help on the playground! Thank you!

December Sign Up Link


For Casual Dress Wednesday, December 13th, we are adding another choice that is a favorite of the students!  They can choose to wear red or green for the upcoming Christmas holiday or they can wear jeans and a school t-shirt for Casual Dress.  Please remember to read and check the school website uniform policy for appropriate clothes.  If you have any questions, you may call the office for more information.

Parent Satisfaction Survey 2023-2024 for K-8 and Preschool/Pre-K

Please complete the K-8 Parent Satisfaction Survey by Friday, December 15th. We have seven responses so far and are hoping for at least 70 more (60% return).

If you have a child in preschool or pre-kindergarten only and do not have children in the K-8 program, please complete a separate survey for preschool/pre-k families here or by typing into your browser

Swag Survey!

The PTC is looking to refresh our collection of Assumption swag available for families to purchase. Swag sales account for a small portion of PTC fundraising, but the primary intention of offering these items is to display our school pride and have a presence in the community. While we look into supplier options, it will be very helpful to know what items we may collectively be interested in!

Please take this one-minute survey to give us an idea of popular choices so that we can pursue potential hot sellers!

Christmas Program

December 14th!

We are so excited to bring the Christmas program to you! But, we also want to provide a few reminders and updates:

  1. Students wear their “Christmas best” except for eighth graders who are in costume for the play. Please follow the Event Dress Code in the Uniform Policy on the school’s website for modesty guidelines.
  2. Seating in the church will be limited. To make more room for guests, students will be in their classrooms during the performance until it is their time to sing/perform. Please have them to their classrooms by 6:40 pm. 5th and 6th graders should go to the St. Cecelia Room for Orchestra and the gym for Choir and Band.
  3. Doors to the Gathering Space will be open early, but the doors to the church will remain closed until 6:30 pm. Please be mindful when entering the church that we have 150 families who will be looking for seats, so reserve only what you need. You don’t need to reserve a spot for your Assumption student- he/she will be with the class in the classroom.
  4. Parking is reserved in front of the church for the seats purchased at the auction. The first two pews on each side are also reserved- first pew on either side for seats purchased in March 2023, second row for seats purchased at Spirit of Newman.
  5. Students will all be back in the church for the final song so please don’t leave early. They will return to their classrooms and should be picked up by their parents from the classroom. There is no reception in the gym, so families can leave as soon as they’ve picked up their children.
  6. All performances are in the front of the altar, facing the main “nave” of the church. You are welcome to sit on the north or south transepts, but students will be facing the main part of the church.

Uniform changes for 2024-2025

For the past two years, we have been looking to change uniform companies. Instead of changing everything at once, we are adding Land’s End for the upcoming school year with a few optional items and two required items– girls’ skirts and jumpers will now only be ordered from Land’s End starting at the end of the current school year. Additionally, Land’s End will also be offering polos, pants, sweatshirts, and dress uniform items, but it won’t be exclusive. This means that you can still order these same items from Dennis Uniforms, as well. We will use the upcoming school year to compare the two companies and decide whether or not to move away from Dennis Uniforms altogether or continue to utilize both vendors. More information will follow with regards to ordering from Land’s End starting in the spring of 2024. (Note: There will be a two-year transition period in which students can wear skirts and jumpers from Dennis while ordering the new ones from Land’s End. Both styles will be acceptable.)

Tuition assistance applications are due December 31st

If you are applying for tuition assistance for the 2024-2025 school year, applications are due no later than December 31st for the Fulcrum Foundation. (Applications for Faith Community Scholarships and tuition assistance from the school are ongoing.) Please follow the link and fill out the application if you haven’t already at


All middle school students in grades 6,7, and 8th can join us at Sacred Heart Parish Hall on January 5th!

The fun begins at 6:30pm and goes until 8:00. 

What is happening?  

  • Games with prizes
  • Crafts
  • Movie
  • Competition for “best dressed” for most festive wear
  • Snacks and “treats” potluck so please bring a treat to share


It is the 12th Day of Christmas!  


Contact Daniel Prenosil at

PTC News  

Christmas Bazaar: Thank you to everyone who came to last Sunday’s Christmas Bazaar. This wonderful holiday tradition was a cheerful way for our community to gather and shop, surrounded by the sounds and smells of Christmas, complete with hot cocoa and books. We had a very large selection of new books this year and are pleased at the number of them which we sold! It was great to see a large selection of vendors and goodies sold at our bake sale and concessions as well.  We are especially thankful for the many helpful families who came together this weekend and beyond to create this enjoyable event. Thank you to Sarah Robinson and Melissa Hanson for doing such a great job organizing this year’s Christmas Bazaar! 

Shop for Schools: This week is Shop for Schools at Launching Success! Please don’t miss out on this easy opportunity to earn money for our school while Holiday shopping! Please be sure to include the name of our school on all online orders so that Assumption gets credit for your purchase. See the flyer below this announcement in the newsletter.

Upcoming Events: PTC would like to announce a change to the January General Meeting.

It will be moved to Wednesday, January 10th, 2024 at 6:30PM.

Business Directory for our ACS community

Please add your information to our directory link so we can share and promote local business owners and families from ACS.

Auction Sponsorship News

Thank You To Our Early Auction Sponsors!

Sponsorships are now open and we appreciate your generous support of Assumption. See this week’s flyer HERE!

Sponsorship packets are available in the office, or we will gladly mail one out to you or any business contact. Do you know of someone who may be able to support our school auction?

For sponsorship questions, please email our sponsorship lead, Dayna Dennis at or send auction questions and company logos to Torry Dechert at

Auction Procurement News:

Each Assumption family has agreed to support the Growing Great Kids Auction with a cash donation or procured item worth $200 ($100 for preschool). This commitment may be completed in several ways: by cash or check, Scrip donation, sponsor the auction, offer use of a timeshare or vacation home, host a dinner, provide tickets, or create a themed auction basket. If you have a great idea for an item or experience worth more than $200, team up with another family to make it happen!

Deadline: Items are due on January 26th.

Don’t forget to fill out the Auction Procurement form in your Wednesday folder when you turn in your contribution, or this year you may also use the helpful new online form available here:

Important note: Those families who have chosen to be charged the $200 can expect to see this reflected on their February statements.

Volunteers: Looking for fundraising hours that can be done from home? Join the Auction Procurement Team! We provide a list of businesses and email templates which you may use to request donations of goods and services. To join the fun, email Torry at

Co-Curricular Activities

Boys’ Basketball & Schedule (subject to change)  

December 11          Away vs. Nooksack

December 13          Home vs. Franklin

January 3, 2024  Home vs. Horizon

January 8                    Home vs. Blaine

January 10                Away vs. Mt. Baker

January 17                Away vs. Meridian

January 18                Away vs. Lynden Christian

January 22          Home vs. Lynden MS

January 24                Home vs. Vista

January 25                Away vs. Franklin Academy

Thank you to Anthony Petz for coaching the team this year.  Please come and support our middle school boys teams especially at the five home games.  Check back each week to see the schedule here as things may change, cancel or get rescheduled for various reasons.  Go Eagles!

And the middle school girls’ teams are wrapping up their season this week.  Thanks to all the players, parent drivers and Coach Lisa! 

Middle School Skiing/Skating Program

Please remember to get those formed turned in to the office or Ms. Eager as soon as possible! The first day of Winter Ride is January 9th, 2024!

Lost and Found Full!

It is that time of year to come and check out the lost and found in the first-floor hallway.  We have numerous water bottles, lunch bags, headbands and sweatshirts. We know things get left after activities throughout the year.  Kindly label your clothing items   , then it is more returnable.  Thank you for your help. Finally, the office will be putting items not claimed into the Used Uniform bins or donate other items before we close for winter break. 

Wednesday Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

We want to remind families that all are invited to come to the church for prayer during Adoration from 7:45 am every Wednesday to Thursday at 7:15 am. Join Katie White at 8:00 am or come any time throughout the day. Your child goes with his/her class at least once per month and some go weekly. If you’d like to go while your child is praying with his/her class, some of the times include kindergarten from 12:45-1:15; eighth grade 8:15-8:45; first and second grades, once per month, from 12:30-1 and 1:15-1:45 respectively. Other classes go monthly as it works with their schedules. Look in the teachers’ newsletters for weeks and at times they might be in Adoration.

Childcare December 15th!

There are still a few spots left to sign up!

Who:        Supervision provided by Mr. & Mrs. Blas & 8th grade volunteers

What:            Childcare for ACS students

Where:      School Library & School Gym

When:       December 15, 2023, 12:00 – 5:00 pm*

Why:                  Proceeds go to the 8th grade WA DC

Cost:              $30 per student, or $75 for 3 or more

Food:               Food will be provided

*Please note that there is NO EDP provided on that day.

Click Here for the Link to Sign Up

Yearbook Needs:

The yearbook team is looking for photos from anything during fall and winter activities! Please send your photos to:

Another New Baby Blessing!

We are happy to announce another birth in our school community, although five weeks early, for the Yackee family!   

Congratulations to Nicole and Rob Yackee! They just had their third baby. He’s quite early and will need to spend some time in the NICU. The Yackee family has Caroline in preschool and Luke in pre-kindergarten. Click here for the family meal train:

And in case you missed it…..Meal Trains for Growing Families

Congratulations to the Rosetta family! A meal train has been set up, sign up if you would like to help them out. Meal Train for The Rosetta family  

Congratulations to the Fisher family!  If you want to help the Fishers with a meal. Click here to sign up!

Also, congratulations to the Van Mieghem family! A meal train has been set up and if you can help click here!  

Holiday Festival of the ARTS

Come see the ACS Photography Exhibit at the Allied Arts Festival!

In-Person Market

1331 Commercial Street

Bellingham, WA  98226

November 17-December 24th

Open 7 days a week 10am -4pm

Saturdays and Sundays: Live music and free kid activities

Women’s Volleyball Club/Team

Attention Assumption Catholic School moms and friends! Join us for the women’s volleyball night every Monday starting at 7:15 am. For any questions, please contact Lisa Twining at (360)-393-5004.

Saint of the Week Trivia

If you think you know who this saint is below, then write your name, grade, and guess on a piece of paper and turn in to Mrs. King in the office.  This is a great way to learn about saints and their lives. Each saint is unique, just like each one of us.  And maybe one or two saints may inspire you as you grow in your relationship with Christ. 

Last Week: It was St. Cecilia and the winner is Rosalie Vincent in Kindergarten! Congratulations!  

New Saint/Blessed:

He was a bishop who lived in Myra, a city in present-day Turkey, during the fourth century. He was known for his generosity and compassion towards the poor and sick.

One of the most famous stories about him tells of a poor man who had three daughters. The man was unable to provide a dowry for his daughters, which meant they would not be able to marry. So, this man (later the saint) heard of their plight and decided to help.

Late one night, he decided to throw a bag of gold through an open window of the man’s house. The gold landed in a stocking that had been left to dry by the fire. This act of kindness allowed the eldest daughter to marry. So then, he repeated the act for the other two daughters, and soon the news of his generosity spread.”

This saint became known as the protector of children, sailors, and the poor. He eventually became the patron saint of many countries, including Greece, Russia, and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, he is known as Sinterklaas, which was later anglicized to Santa Claus in North America.

Who is this saint? Multiple Choice this week:

  1. St. Bernard
  2. St. John Chrysostom
  3. St. Nicholas

Upcoming calendar items:

Dec. 8th – Mass at 12:30pm Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception-dress uniform

Dec. 11th – Pizza Lunch Day

                   Boy’s Basketball Game vs. Nooksack – away

Dec. 13th – Casual Uniform Day or Red and Green Day

                   Boy’s Basketball Team vs/ Franklin – home

Dec. 14th – Christmas Program K-8th grade 7 pm in the Church

Dec. 15th – Early Release at 11:45am (B Day) Childcare offered by 8th graders & parents 12-5 pm

Dec. 16th through January 1st – Christmas Break!

January 2nd, 2024 – First day back to school in the New Year

Anticipation Christmas Prayer

Hail and Blessed be the hour and moment
 In which the Son of God was born
of the Most Pure Virgin Mary, at Midnight,
 in Bethlehem, in piercing Cold.
In the Hour vouchsafe, I beseech thee,
O my God, to hear my prayer and Grant my Desires,
(here mention your request)
Through the merits of OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST,

(starting on the Feast of Saint Andrew November 30 until December 24th)