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“Let all you do be done in love.” 1 Cor 16:14

In this week’s newsletter you can find out about PTC General Meeting at 7pm tonight, Ridwell Recycling, Holy Hoops wrap up and winners, Soy House Fundraiser, Hope House Christmas family adoptions, Bright Futures Annual Fund, Playground Angel signups for October and November, many volunteer opportunities, Christmas Bazaar needs books, Veteran’s Day Wall of Honor, business directory link for ACS community, pumpkin carving contest on Oct. 31st, Orange and Black Day, Dia de los Muertos needs photos, girls’ basketball, Christmas card art contest, PTC news,  and much more.


Our eighth Holy Hoops was another great success with some great fun, love, faith and basketball!

The players came ready to play, coaches ready to coach, and referees ready with their whistles.  The teachers and alumni put on an entertaining game, congrats to our teacher for another win.  Our volunteers were just plain awesome, and the bleachers were full of parents, family, and friends.

The championship games were fierce and came down to St. Dominic and St. Sebastian for the boys and St. Jude vs. St. Joan of Arc for the girls.


For the boys, St. Dominic took the win. St. Dominic was coached by Dew Johnson and Conner Rodriguez-Stiff. Players included Caleb 8th, Dominic 7th, Nick 6th, Cooper 6th, David 7th, Collin 5th and Alan 5th.

For the girls, St. Jude took the win.  St. Jude was coached by Drew and Conner.  Players included Ava 8th, Laurisa 7th, Hailey 6th, Sophia 6th, Macie 6th and Sabreen 5th. 

The competition winners were…….

  • Free Throw: Terra 7th and Kenzo 5th
  • Three-point: Luz 7th and Sebastian 7th, Dominic 7th, Graedon 6th, Kenzo 5th and Ioan 5th.
  • Dribbling Contest: Finley 6th and Kenzo 5th
  • Lightning: Sophia 6th and Mark 8th

We would also like to thank coaches, players, volunteers and parents and families for the time and talent this week. We couldn’t have done it without all of you and we are grateful for your support.

Thank you so much to our sponsors! With your support, we were able to keep this event free for all players. 

Keep Bringing in your plastics for Ridwell

We’re doing a hard-to-recycle plastics drive with Ridwell! Bring in your Multi-Layer Plastic items (snack packs, candy wrappers, chip bags) to school between October 12th and November 3rd  to be recycled by Ridwell and upcycled into new building materials.

Let’s see how much waste Assumption Catholic School can divert from the landfill!

What’s more, help Assumption Catholic School to fundraise. Sign up for Ridwell between now and 11/17/2024 using and Ridwell will donate $20 to our school!

We will host a school Open House on Sunday, November 5, from 11:30 to 1:30pm, with an emphasis on our preschool and kindergarten programs. Current Assumption families are welcome, and we encourage you to share the information with your friends and family who may be interested. Parent and student ambassadors will be on hand to provide tours and answer questions.

PreK families- please look for the special invitation to visit kindergarten in your yellow envelopes. Thank you!

In today’s physical envelope, you’ll find a letter and detachable envelope to support our newly named Bright Futures Annual Fund. This is a school initiative that raises funds to cover the difference between the actual cost to educate a student at Assumption and the tuition charged to our school families – a difference of over $2,500 per student for the 2023-24 academic year.

Unlike tuition payments, gifts to the Bright Futures Annual Fund are tax deductible.

Every contribution toward our $140,000 goal goes toward keeping Assumption affordable for every family currently enrolled.

Please consider paying forward the life-changing gift of an Assumption education and creating more bright futures.

TO DONATE- return your envelope, use the QR code above, or this link:  

Bright Futures Annual Fund (

Christmas Bazaar

Gently Used Books Wanted!

Support the PTC for the Christmas Bazaar Used Book Sale.  Drop your gently used books at three convenient locations through November 28th.

1.    -Assumption School entryway

2.    -Assumption Church gathering space

3.    -Sacred Heart Parish Office

Día de los Muertos Altar (Day of the Dead)

We are pleased to inform you that, as part of our annual celebration of the Day of the Dead, we will be preparing a beautiful altar at the school’s main entrance in honor of Mexican families and celebrating the lives of our dearly departed.

To make this commemoration more meaningful and personal, we invite you to contribute photographs of your beloved deceased family members for display on the altar. If you are willing to share a photograph, kindly bring it to the office with a frame by October 26,Thursday, next week. Please include the name and grade in the back. 

We understand the sensitivity of this request and want to assure you that these images will be handled with care and respect. They will be displayed lovingly and returned to you after the event.

Your contribution will not only honor your family member’s memory but also create a sense of unity and shared support within our community during this time of remembrance.

Thank you for considering this request. If you have any questions or need assistance with the submission process, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Santos at

*History: This is a Mexican holiday celebrated in Mexico and elsewhere associated with the Catholic celebrations of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day and is held on October 31, November 1 and 2.  The multi-day holiday involves family and friends gathering to pray for and to remember friends and family members who have died. 

Playground Angels Needed!

Thank you for your help in keeping recess fun and safe!

Remember to get your training done with Virtus Online. 

October Sign up link

November Sign Up link

Assumption is coordinating the annual parish Trunk or Treat and have volunteers willing to open their trunks and pass out candy. This is a SUPER fun event, and we were overwhelmed by attendance last year when word spread! Now that the community knows about it, we anticipate a big crowd again and are hoping to avoid running out of treats. If you’d like to help, please drop candy donations at the school office by this Friday, Oct. 27. Thank you in advance for helping us provide this great event for our community!

Pumpkin Carving Contest

The Student Ambassadors have set up a pumpkin carving contest for Tuesday, October 31st. The entry fee is $2 and registration forms can be found in the front office or by clicking this link. (contest form) Prizes will be given for spooky, unique, or funny categories.

PTC News  

PTC General Meeting:  

The PTC General Meeting will be held tonight at 6:30 PM in the school gym. We have some wonderful new families this year and this is an especially great opportunity for parents and staff to gather together, enjoy some light snacks, learn more about PTC, and the excitement of the coming year.  Each parent can earn one volunteer hour for coming to the meeting.

**Childcare will be available in the school library upon arrival for those who need it. ** 

Holy Hoops: 

Congratulations to our winning Teams! PTC would like to extend a huge thank you to Lisa Twining and Michaela Petz for putting on a successful 2023 Holy Hoops tournament.

Grandparents’ Day:  

Grandparents’ Day is a little over a month away and it is time to let our beloved grandparents know about a special day we have planned. Mark your calendars for November 17th, where our students will honor their grandparents. We are excited to announce that it will coincide with our Book Fair. You and your child will have a chance to look at a celebratory selection of books in our school library for purchase and fundraising. Return to school that same evening at 6:00PM for our seasonal movie Night! Further details will become available in our upcoming newsletters. This is a day you and your family will not want to miss! 

Business directory: PTC is creating an updated business directory this year to expand the support of our Assumption community. If you own a business and would like to promote it in the community, fill out the attached link.  We want to support and acknowledge our ACS families who own businesses.

Volunteer Opportunities 

MCT: We are still looking for someone to help with coordinating this incredible week, hosted by the Missoula Children’s Theatre. Attached is a flyer detailing further information regarding what is involved. Missoula Children’s Theater Event Chair Flyer (4) (1).pdf  

PTC is looking for a parent to help us with some of the organizational aspects for Missoula Children’s Theatre. We are also looking for families who would be willing to host one or two actors from the theatre company. This is a great opportunity to earn a lot of volunteer hours. The actors will need to stay locally for the week while they work with our children to put on an impressive stage play. The actors from the theatre company will be here from May 12th-18th

Upcoming Events: 

  • Book Fair – November 15th, 16th and 17th – in the school library from 7:45 am to 4 pm
  • Grandparents Day – November 17th  
  • Movie Night – November 17th at 7:00 PM

Co-Curricular Activities and Sign-Ups

Basketball Season – Girl’s Team

The emphasis is on good sportsmanship, dedication to performance improvement, team effort, personal & spiritual improvement, and tons of FUN!

Girl’s season is under way and games will start in November. We are excited to announce there will be two teams.  Look for the schedule to come soon!

Boy’s season begins Monday, December 6th.

Veteran’s Wall of Honor and Prayer Service  

We want to feature the ACS Communities’ veterans by creating a “wall of honor”.

Please fill out this link about your veteran and upload a picture or bring it in to the office.  

And all families and veterans are invited to our Veteran’s Day prayer service.

We are honoring veterans at a prayer service on Thursday, November 9th at Church of the Assumption starting at 8:15 am. 

8th Grade Christmas Wreath and Poinsettia Fundraiser

Nothing says holiday season more than majestic poinsettia and a beautiful evergreen wreath in your home!  Order today for yourself, family, and friends!  Remember to bring forms to local businesses and your own place of work.  All profits will go to help the 8th grade class travel to Washington DC.  See the flyer in your envelopes today.

Or the link is Here!

8th Grade Soy House Fundraiser November 12th!

Please help out by just going to lunch or dinner! This is an ACS family business.

Thank you!

HOPE HOUSE Christmas Gifts

Hope House is looking for people to adopt families this Christmas. You tell us what size family you are willing to adopt (anywhere from 1-7 kid families) and we match you up with a family in need. You will receive names, ages, and wish lists for each kid in the family under 18 years old, along with their clothing size, and are then in charge of buying and wrapping their gifts and returning them to Hope House no later than 12pm on Monday, December 18th.

If interested, please email

Thank you!!

Christmas Card Art Entries 2023

Today we sent home in the Wednesday envelopes the form to fill out with your amazing Christmas themed artwork.  Each year it is hard for the office staff to choose the best picture, so please turn it in on time.  No late entries will be accepted past November 14th.

Thank you!


“Walking with the Saints” Trivia is Back!

If you think you know who this saint is below, then write your name, grade, and guess on a piece of paper and turn in to Mrs. King in the office.  This is a great way to learn about saints and their lives. Each saint is unique, just like each one of us.  And maybe one or two saints may inspire you as you grow in your relationship with Christ. 

Last Week: It was St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. There was no winning entry.

New Saint/Blessed:

The “spiritual father of Cuba” was a missionary, religious founder, social reformer, queen’s chaplain, writer and publisher, archbishop, and refugee. He was a Spaniard whose work took him to the Canary Islands, Cuba, Madrid, Paris, and to the First Vatican Council.

In his spare time as weaver and designer in the textile mills of Barcelona, he learned Latin and printing. Ordained at 28, he was prevented by ill health from entering religious life as a Carthusian or as a Jesuit but went on to become one of Spain’s most popular preachers.

He spent 10 years giving popular missions and retreats, always placing great emphasis on the Eucharist and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It was said that his rosary was never out of his hand. At age 42, he founded a religious institute of missionaries beginning with five young priests, known today as the Claretians.

This saint was appointed to head the much-neglected archdiocese of Santiago in Cuba. He began its reform by almost ceaseless preaching and hearing of confessions and suffered bitter opposition for asking many to change their ways.

Then a hired assassin attacked him—whose release from prison he had obtained—slashed open his face and wrist. Finally, he succeeded in getting the would-be assassin’s death sentence commuted to a prison term. His solution for the misery of Cubans was family-owned farms producing a variety of foods for the family’s own needs and for the market.

He was recalled to Spain for a job he did not relish—being chaplain for the queen.

All his life he was interested in the Catholic press. He founded the Religious Publishing House, a major Catholic publishing venture in Spain, and wrote or published 200 books and pamphlets. At Vatican I, where he was a staunch defender of the doctrine of infallibility, which he won the admiration of his fellow bishops. Cardinal Gibbons of Baltimore remarked of him, “There goes a true saint.” At the age of 63, he died in exile near the border of Spain.


Jesus foretold that those who are truly his representatives would suffer the same persecution as he did. Besides 14 attempts on his life, he had to undergo such a barrage of the ugliest slander that his own name became a byword for humiliation and misfortune. The powers of evil do not easily give up their prey. No one needs to go looking for persecution. All we need to do is be sure we suffer because of our genuine faith in Christ, not for our own whims and lack of prudence. He is a Patron Saint of:  Weavers

Upcoming calendar items:

Oct. 25th PTC General Meeting @6:30pm in the gym

Oct. 28th – Family Trunk or Treat @ 6:15pm in the Traffic Loop

Oct. 30th – Pizza Lunch Day

Oct. 31st – Orange and Black Day! Bring Carved pumpkin contest Due!   

Nov. 1st– Solemnity of All Saints Mass @12:30pm…Dress Uniform Today

Nov. 5th – Open House Sunday for Preschool and Kindergarten 11:30 to 1:30pm

Nov. 6 and 7th– Health Checks K-8

Nov. 6th – Vocations Week with Speakers

Nov. 8th– Casual Uniform Day (T-shirt/sweatshirt with school logo and jeans)

Nov. 9th – Veteran’s Day prayer service 8:15am

Nov. 10thNo School – Veteran’s Day Observed

Nov. 13thPizza Day

Nov. 15-16-17th– Book Fair is open 8-4pm

Nov. 17th – Grandparent’s Day with Reception and Mass

Have a great PTC meeting tonight at 6:30!