Dear Parents,

We had rain, snow, sun, snow, and more sun this week. What could be next?!

In language arts, we have started a new Latin unit as well as a unit going over sentence structure focusing on subjects and predicates and learning the difference between simple, compound, and complex versions of each. The kids have done a great job understanding the subject so far and we will continue to build on it next week!

In literature, the kids have written a paragraph explaining who they believe was responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s death and used text evidence to support their claim. I’ve noticed that everyone has really improved their writing abilities over the year! As always, everyone is always welcome to turn in a revised essay with corrections for an even better score.  Today we are beginning our Civil War novels unit where they have gotten a chance to read through a small portion of several novels to see what interests them. On Monday, we will assign the novels based on their preferences. Please remind your child to turn in a reading log on Monday!

In religion this week we learned about the Church in the east and the west and that there are 24 Catholic Churches: the Latin Church (Roman Catholic Church) and twenty-three Eastern Catholic Churches – each one recognizing the Pope as the head of the Catholic Church on earth and believing that the Church is “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic”. The kids researched some of the different rites (liturgical heritages) of the Church and presented to one another today.

In social studies we have begun a unit learning about the Supreme Court, what function it plays in our government and why its decisions are so important and affect all of us as citizens. We had some open discussion talking about a few particular cases such as Riley v. California and Board of Education v. Earls. The kids really got into the discussion about how the court made its ruling on these cases, and they got to provide their own opinion and ideas about it! They finished the week working in pairs on a presentation of a specific Supreme Court landmark case assigned to them and will present them next week.

The Legacy Project is in full steam. The kids have already completed several components of the project and are saving them to insert into their Legacy Project albums. Their albums can be a scrapbook style (with glued in corners that hold each item – lots of work), a photo album type, or a binder (most prefer this type). If they choose a binder, they will need sheet protectors to insert their writing and artifacts into. Please remember that they need to have at least 50 pages total (many will have more). This means a minimum of 25 sheet protectors, since each side of a page counts as one page. The biography is due Wednesday, March 27th for peer review/editing in class, and March 28th printed out and turned in to me for grading over spring break. If your child has not made much progress, you might want to light a fire under him/her this weekend to get a goodly amount done.

Next Wednesday, March 13th is “Green and White Day” to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Thursday, March 14th is Pi Day (3/14) so “Dress like a Scientist Day”. Alternatively, kids can wear their school uniforms if they choose not to dress in green and white or like a scientist. Lastly, don’t forget that Bellingham Schools is hosting a presentation to private school families from 2-3PM on Friday, March 15th at each of the schools. Please let the office and me know if you are taking your student from school early to attend that presentation. If you are arranging for another parent to escort your child, you will need to provide us with that information as well; we will not release students with a non-family member without written permission.  

Have a great weekend!


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