Language Arts

Language Arts:

Students will write for a variety of purposes and forms. They will spend a great deal of class time participating in writing activities and learning new strategies to improve writing skills. Students will use the writing process to complete assignments and will also continue to focus on conventions such as punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar. All final writing assignments must be typewritten using 12 font, Times New Roman (no fancy fonts), or as specified in class.

Students will continue to study standard English grammar and editing each day. The class will review the eight parts of speech, sentences and their parts, and sentence structures. Daily Oral Language exercises will begin each class.

Students will continue to learn vocabulary roots and affixes from Latin. They will also focus on content-specific vocabulary in each of their classes. Students are expected to spell the words correctly, give definitions, and use them in their own sentences. Students are also encouraged to use the vocabulary words when they complete writing assignments.

Grades will be assessed based on performance in the following categories:

  • Grammar/writing
  • Latin II Vocabulary
  • Test/quizzes
  • Participation