Language Arts

8th Grade Language Arts Syllabus

Instructor: Chris Eusebio


Houghton Mifflin English

Jensen’s Vocabulary Frode Jensen

Daily Oral Language Plus McDougal, Little


Modern Language Association Handbook

Write Source 2000 

Writing: Eighth-grade language arts students will write in a variety of forms and for a variety of purposes. We spend class time learning new strategies to make our writing clear, interesting, and relevant. We include all parts of the writing process and continue to focus on conventions (punctuation, spelling, capitals, grammar). During the eighth-grade year we integrate writing into all core subject areas, including social studies, religion, literature, science, and math.

Vocabulary: Eighth-grade students will continue to learn vocabulary roots and affixes from Latin. Each Latin vocabulary lesson is designed to be completed over a two-week period. Tests will assess spelling, meaning, and correct use in context. Students will also focus on specialized vocabulary in each of their classes.

Grammar and Editing: Eighth-grade students study standard English grammar and editing each day. They will often have homework to master the skills they are learning.

Grading in language arts class is based on:

  • Assignments – 20%
  • Writing Projects – 25%*
  • Tests – 25%
  • Quizzes – 20%
  • Participation/Oral Responses during lessons – 10%

*A writing project might be assigned in another subject (e.g. social studies) and receive a grade both in social studies (content or conceptual understanding) and writing (skill/ability).

Extra Help: If your child is having difficulty with a concept we are learning, he/she may ask to meet with me for some extra support during lunch or before school. Please have your child contact me directly.