Eighth Grade Language Arts



Eighth Grade Language Arts Syllabus

Instructor: Betsy Gottschalk

Texts: Houghton Mifflin English Jensen’s Vocabulary Frode Jensen Daily Oral Language Plus McDougal, Little

References: Modern Language Association Handbook Write Source 2000 Random House Dictionary

Writing: Eighth grade Language Arts students will write in a variety of forms and for a variety of purposes. We use the 6+1 Traits of Writing, and include all parts of the writing process. During the eighth grade year we integrate writing into all core subject areas, including Social Studies, Religion, Literature, Science, and Math.

Vocabulary: Eighth grade students will continue to learn vocabulary roots and affixes from Latin and Greek. Students will also focus on the specific vocabulary in each of their classes.

Grammar and Editing: Eighth grade students study standard English grammar and editing each day.

Grading in Language Arts class is based on writing, tests, quizzes, and participation.

Extra Credit is possible if all required work is completed and turned in. Please speak with me about extra credit options. Extra credit will be due no later then two weeks before the end of the semester.

Vocabulary Test Dates

Latin II Lesson 1 September 12

Latin II Lesson 2 September 26

Latin II Lesson 3 October 10

Latin II Lesson 4 October 24

Latin II Lesson 5 November 7

Latin II Lesson 6 November 21

Latin II Lesson 7 December 12

Latin II Lesson 8 January 9

Latin II Lesson 9 January 23

Latin II Lesson 10 February 6

Latin II Lesson 11 February 20

Latin II Lesson 12 March 5

Latin II Lesson 13 March 19

Latin II Lesson 14 April 2

Latin II Lesson 15 April 23

Latin II Lesson 16 May 14

Latin II Lesson 17 May 27