Dear Parents,

Thanks for coming to the D.C. trip planning meeting on Wednesday. I received the finalized itinerary today and have attached it to this email. Our trip is just a little over a week away! The kids have been working on tying rosaries since early this school year. We decided to donate these rosaries to the military, since tied, soft rosaries are the only type allowed to be carried by Catholics in the military. Fr. Moore will bless them before we go, and we will bring them to Arlington National Cemetery when we visit. If your child is still working on a rosary, please encourage him or her to finish it by next week so that Fr. Moore can bless it.

In religion this week, Fr. Moore continued his lessons about the sacraments. He focused on the Sacrament of Matrimony yesterday and the kids had many questions. I even learned a thing or two about this sacrament! In our classes about the history of the Church, we learned about monastic life and the Rule of St. Benedict – those guidelines by which monks live in the world (or apart from it, as it were).

In language arts we learned more about prepositions and know that they have objects that immediately follow them that make up prepositional phrases. We learned about adjective (adjectival) phrases and adverb (adverbial) phrases. We also learned to distinguish between the use of some tricky prepositions. We nearly completed another lesson in Latin and will test on that next Friday.

We are making our way through To Kill a Mockingbird and are encountering injustices and prejudice everywhere in the novel. We’ve been talking a lot about what the culture was like back then when we come across certain ugly phrases and never say these phrases aloud when reading. There are many themes in the book, and we talk about these as we encounter them. We are in the middle of the trial for Tom Robinson, and it will be interesting to see if justice is served in the end.

In social studies the kids have been divided into research groups to study different topics related to the Industrial Revolution. They will present their topics next Wednesday while the rest of the class takes notes. This will be a testament to their note-taking skills, as this time I will quiz them on each presented topic and allow them to use only their notes to answer the questions. I will be sure to create my quiz based upon what I heard in the presentations. Note taking is such an important skill, and I want to be sure they are ready for high school.

Thanks to those who signed up to accompany us to the WeGrow garden. We have one volunteer for each day, but it would be great to have another. This Monday looks like it will be nice, so please consider signing up on the SignUp Genius I sent.

Next Wednesday we have a Mary prayer service at 8:15. Your child should wear dress uniform. To prepare for the service, we are asking you to send in a flower or two from your garden so that we can put together some bouquets to adorn the statue of Mary that will be crowned. Please bring these in on Tuesday morning so that we can get the bouquets to the church and ready for Wednesday’s service.

MAP testing begins next week and is on Tuesday and Thursday. Please be sure that your child gets plenty of sleep and eats a healthy diet those days. You may consider providing an extra special, healthy snack, too.


April 29-May 3, then May 20-24 – MAP testing, please be sure your child has plenty of sleep and good, nutritious food/snack

May 1, 8:15AM – May Crowning prayer service, dress uniform, bring a flower or two Tuesday for bouquets

May 6 – May 10 – 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.

May 13-17 – Missoula Children’s Theater

May 28-29 – 8th grade retreat at Camp Lutherwood (overnight), I will ask for drivers after D.C. trip

May 31, 7-8:30PM – Multicultural Fair, 8th graders share LP albums in classroom

June 3, 10AM – 8th grade graduation farewell assembly in gym (parents welcome)

June 5 – Last full day for 8th graders (free dress, party in afternoon – students plan this)

June 6 – Graduation Day! Rehearsal in church 8:30-10AM; brunch with parents (or two other adults) 10-11:30; be in Stafford Room no later than 4:40 (already in gown) to assemble for graduation (5PM); reception to say goodbyes afterwards.

Have a great weekend,


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