Dear Parents,

We had a busy week with all kinds of weather causing indoor and gym recesses. Hopefully, we’re done with the worst of it and can bring in the spring weather!

In language arts we finished a unit in Latin and took a test both on that unit and on a unit about adverbs. Most kids have already corrected their mistakes, but those who haven’t have two weeks within which to do so. I always recommend making corrections, because that is often where the learning finally happens.

We finished reading “Romeo and Juliet” today. Since we just finished writing an essay (“Is Man Basically Good or Evil?”), I will ask the kids to instead write a paragraph telling who was responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s death using text evidence to support their claim. On Monday we will brainstorm at least eight different people who could be to blame, then talk out our reasoning. Finally, using the ideas we heard and contributed, we will write. Please remind your child to turn in a reading log on Monday. Book reports were due yesterday for the month of February. I am missing a few, and these will be deducted a “late fee”.

In religion we finished a chapter about early Church councils whose goals were to firm up the beliefs of our faith and to combat heresies. We learned about Arianism – that heresy put forth by Arius that taught that Jesus was fully human and not divine. Another heresy denied the goodness of humanity and creation. I brought up the essays the kids wrote and reminded them that humans couldn’t possible be anything but good, since they were made in the image and likeness of God. We are good, but we make mistakes!

In social studies we finished learning about the new republic under the first few presidents. We learned about the two-party system (which included Democratic Republicans and Federalists), how trade and commerce were so important to our young economy, and finished with James Monroe’s presidency and the War of 1812. We took the Topic 5 test yesterday and the kids will be allowed to make corrections.

During our Legacy Project work time today we shared our family crests. We also shared some of the most interesting information we’ve found so far. As the kids learn more about their relative, they can add a few main ideas to their initial legacy paragraph to help create a great thesis statement (a statement that guides an essay, somewhat like the topic sentence of a paragraph).

Please check FACTS with your child this weekend. We are still early in the semester and have time to correct some bad habits. If you feel the need to have a conference with me, please let me know as I have set aside next Friday morning from 8 to 11 for these. Simply email me and we can find a time that works.

Have a great weekend and see you at the auction on Saturday!


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