Dear Parents,

Every year it seems like once we are back from spring break the time until graduation flies by! I am trying to slow down in class and enjoy these kids before they leave me. I got a lot of joy from reading their Legacy Project biographies over break. I told them how proud I was of their ability to write and to tell the narrative of their relative. Their next project, rough draft due for peer review next Thursday, is the autobiography. We have already brainstormed how to break this into manageable parts so that they can write a bit each day. This should not be overwhelming at all since they should be quite familiar with their own lives! Along with studying our Latin lessons, we also finished up our study of pronouns (personal, possessive, interrogative, indefinite, demonstrative, reflexive, and intensive). Who knew there were so many? We will review and take a short test on Monday.

In literature we began reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. We began by researching and learning more about the author before beginning our reading. This is a powerful novel that deals with issues of racial justice, fatherhood, integrity, preconceived notions based on gossip, and other social issues. I hope that reading this novel will help the kids to have a deeper understanding of these themes and how they present themselves not only in literature, but in life. Please remind your child to turn in a reading log on Monday.

In religion, we finished a chapter on the Eastern versus the Western Church. We continued preparing for the ACRE test which will take place next Friday, April 19th. Finally, we put our knowledge of social justice to work by visiting the WeGrow Garden. We performed a variety of tasks including prepping beds for planting, composting, weeding, and planting both seeds and seedlings. The Bellingham Food Bank is undergoing a food shortage crisis and will be grateful for whatever fresh food we will be able to provide them with this summer. We are still in great need of volunteers to accompany us to the garden. We had to enlist Mr. Anderson’s help last Monday, so please see if you can sign up this Monday or another Monday on the SignUp Genius. If we do not have at least one extra person, we cannot go.

Your children brought home a white 5-gallon bucket this week. Please help them to drill several holes in the bottom for drainage, and another several about an inch from the bottom around the sides. They should bring these buckets to school on Monday. We will carry them to the garden Monday afternoon and will fill them with good soil and bring them back for a Kinder buddy planting project.

We have been focusing on the growth of our nation and its push westward in this history unit. We learned about Jackson’s presidency and the Indian Removal Act with its consequent Trail of Tears. Kids worked in groups to create buffalo hides with pictograms to tell the Trail of Tears story. They learned that early Native Americans did not have an alphabet (a syllabary) system until Sequoyah, a Cherokee, created one in the early 19th century. We will finish this Westward Movement topic and test next week.


April 16 – Class pictures, 8th graders have free (appropriate) dress

April 24, 6PM – D.C. trip planning meeting in gym with parents and students (immediately prior to general PTC meeting)

April 29-May 3, then May 20-24 – MAP testing, please be sure your child has plenty of sleep and good, nutritious food/snack

May 6 – May 10 – 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.

May 28-29 – 8th grade retreat at Camp Lutherwood (overnight)

May 31, 7-8:30PM – Multicultural Fair, 8th graders share LP albums in classroom

June 3, 10AM – 8th grade graduation farewell assembly in gym (parents welcome)

June 5 – Last full day for 8th graders (free dress, party in afternoon – students plan this)

June 6, 8:30-10 – Graduation rehearsal in the church

June 6, 10:00-11:30 – Brunch in the gym (for graduates and two adults only)

June 6, 5PM – Graduation in church (students arrive no later than 4:40 to Stafford Room to get lined up and ready – don’t forget robes!); sharing of Legacy Projects, photo ops, last goodbyes in gym afterwards

Have a great weekend!


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