Social Studies

US History

In social studies, students will develop a new, more abstract level of understanding of social studies concepts in U.S. history and government, 1750 to present. They will explore the ideas, issues, and events from the framing of the Constitution up through Reconstruction and Industrialization. After reviewing the founding of the United States, particularly the Constitution, the class will explore the development of politics, society, culture, and economy in the United States to deepen conceptual understandings in civics, geography, and economics. Studying the causes and consequences of the Civil War helps students to comprehend more profoundly the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a culturally diverse democracy.

Students are encouraged to work independently and cooperatively through simulated activities (Problem-Based Learning), research (using information from primary and secondary sources), and projects (Project-Based Learning). Any projects will be thoroughly explained in class, and students will have ample time to complete the project. Daily assignments/notes should be written in their student notebook, which will be collected regularly for correcting.

Grades will be assessed based on performance in the following categories: Projects, test/quizzes, assignments/homework, participation, and notebook.