8th Grade Literature Syllabus

Instructor: Chris Eusebio

Independent Reading:

  1. Read 250 pages per week. Students have been provided with an explanation of outside reading guidelines. This explanation of reading requirements is also on the 8th grade web page under “Resources”. They may read literary or informational texts. They must turn in a weekly reading log every Monday, as they are graded weekly on their outside reading. This reading log should be initialed by a parent or guardian so that you are aware of what your child is reading.
  2. Students must create two book reports each month based on their outside reading. They are encouraged to turn one report in at the middle of the month (if possible) and one at the end of the month. Both book reports must be turned in by the last school day of each month. Students have been provided with a list of book report ideas but are encouraged to be creative and come up with ideas of their own. Each book report must be substantive.

Literature Circles (book clubs)

Literature circle sessions are a chance to discuss books in depth. We will discuss books either as a whole-group or in small groups, depending on the book. Students will often have reading homework assignments and should bring their book to and from class. Class novels will typically relate to what we are learning in history but may also be related to other things we are learning during the year.

Literature Grading

Each of these elements will factor into your literature grade:

  • Outside Reading/Book Reports – 20%
  • Literature Circles – 20%
  • Homework/Classwork – 20%
  • Tests/Quizzes – 20%
  • Participation – 20%