Eighth Grade Literature

  • Literature students will read fiction and nonfiction books as a class and individually. Students will read, discuss, reflect, and write using text evidence.
  • The purpose of Independent Reading (Outside Reading) is to improve and get in the habit of reading.  Student must always be reading a fiction novel (no graphic novels).  Reading every day and making it a habit is important.  The book must be at least 125 pages in length. Student must read the book from cover to cover, less blank pages.  To ensure this, students will receive an outside reading progress report quarterly and graded at the end of each semester. They should have your outside reading book travel to and from home and school each day. Keep a reading log, write a summary of what they’ve read, and place it in their literature folder.  Outside Reading will be assessed through reading conferences that are required several times throughout every semester with me.  You will be able to sign up for conferences. After finishing the book and the student will need to complete project activities for each of the outside reading book.  Student must select books that interest him/her and at least in his/her reading level.  Choose books that your family considers appropriate.  Because it is impossible for me to know what each family considers appropriate, students should make sure his/her parent or guardian is aware of the book they have selected to read.
  • Literature circle sessions are a chance to discuss books in depth. We will gather in small groups at least once per week during the time we are discussing the group book. Students will be responsible to read the section of the book and come with his/her responses in his/her literature notebook and/or on post-it notes. This must be attached as a page marker on the page students are discussing in the book.  Both the post-it notes and the notebook need to have written comments about the book and the page numbers of the section on which students are commenting.  The comments should be about what he/she read, so that he/she will be able to contribute to the discussion. Students also need to bring the book he/she is discussing, and students need to talk about the book during literature circle.
  • Grades will be assessed based on performance in the following categories:
  • Independent Reading
  • Literature Circle
  • Assignments/Homework
  • Participation