Mrs. VonFeldt   

Updated Weekly Math Posts: 

Textbook: Larson Algebra 1

  1. Expressions, Equations, and Functions
  2. Solving Linear Equations
  3. Graphing Linear Equations and Functions
  4. Writing Linear Equations
  5. Solving and Graphing Linear Inequalities
  6. Systems of Equations and Inequalities
  7. Exponents and Exponential Functions
  8. Polynomials and Factoring
  9. Quadratic Equations and Functions

Class Overview

Algebra is the foundation of higher mathematics and a solid understanding is critical.  Students will be expected to use all of the skills and concepts that they have learned so far and apply them in this class to write and solve algebraic equations and inequalities. We will look at multiple ways to represent situations such as equations, tables, and graphs and find connections between these representations.

Students will often work collaboratively to learn and understand new concepts. They will be challenged with group problems and discussions, discovering how algebra is applicable in real life.


Grades will be calculated using the following categories:

  • Individual Tests 50%;
  • Team Tests 10%
  • Homework 20%
  • Quizzes 20%

Extra Help

If you find that your child needs extra help, please encourage them to talk to me. I am available at study hall, lunch recess, or other times by appointment. There are also many great online resources for practice and help. Here are two that we use in this class: