MS Math – Sept. 25-29, 2023

6th Math – Mrs. VonFeldt

This week in 6th grade, we continue our practice of arithmetic with decimals. So far we know how to add and subtract decimals (line up the decimal point); and multiply decimals (don’t line up the decimal point, count decimals places in the factors). Now, we will learn to divide with decimals. The video below from Math Antics is a great review for all decimal operations.

Decimals are extremely useful in real life, (managing money for a start). Ask your student to share some examples of where they might encounter decimals.

7th Math – Mrs. VonFeldt & Mrs. Evans

This week in 7th grade we will move into Module 2 of our Go Math book as we learn about how to multiply and divide with integers (positive and negative). To multiply and divide with negatives, we only need to follow these simple rules:

These skills will complete our ability to use negative and positive numbers in all four operations and then we will practice using the correct order of those operations to solve more complicated problems.

8th Math – Mrs. Evans

In 8th grade math this week, we will continue to work in Chapter 1 as we review the basics of algebra, with a vocabulary review on Monday and some of the other basics throughout the week. Below is a great review video to help students with the vocabulary:

As we review how to simplify and solve one step equations we will need to recall how to combine like terms. Here is a good picture summarizing this skill:

8th Algebra – Mrs. VonFeldt

The Chapter 1 test will be on Wednesday. In Chapter 2 we will be reviewing and expanding our skills on solving linear equations. We will start with one-step equations and use the same strategies to work up to multiple-step equations. The Math Antics video below is a good review of how to use inverse operations to solve equations.

MS Math – Sept 18-22, 2023

This week we will be having MAP testing on Tuesday and Thursday.

6th Grade Math – Mrs. VonFeldt 

In sixth grade, we are beginning our practice of decimal operations. This week we will review addition and subtraction of decimals and then move on to multiplication.

When adding and subtracting decimals, it is important to remember to LINE UP THE DECIMAL POINT. This will keep place values lined up and make sure the decimal is in the correct place in the answer.

To multiply decimals, the first step is to multiply without the decimals. You do not need to line up decimal points. Next, count total number of decimal places in the factors and give your product the same number of decimal places. See the videos below for some examples.

7th Grade Math – Mrs. VonFeldt & Mrs. Evans

This week we are practicing the skills that we learned last week, developing fluency while we add and subtract integers. While this skill looks simple, it takes focus and practice to become intuitive. Here is a summary of the strategies that we can use when we do these problems:

8th Grade Math – Mrs. Evans

This week we have been reviewing more of the important skills that make up the foundation of our math this year. We will practice all rational number operations and put them together using the proper order of operations. Here is a picture showing all the types of numbers that are rational numbers – essentially all of them! We have a great foundation to stand on this year!

Algebra – Mrs. VonFeldt

This week in Algebra we have been studying functions. A function is a relationship in which the input has only one unique output. Two types of functions that we’ll spend a lot of time on this year are linear and quadratic functions. The Math Antics video below is a fun introduction to functions. The chapter 1 test will be next Wednesday.

Middle School Math – Sept. 11-15, 2023

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Welcome to a new year of learning!  We are excited about all the great things that will be happening in math this year! 

This is the first of many weekly posts to tell you about what your student will be doing in math.  They will be posted at the start of the week, giving the plans for the week and various “helps” for parents and students. 

Remember that you can always reach out to Mrs. VonFeldt and Mrs. Evans if you have any questions about math.

6th Grade Math – Mrs. VonFeldt 

Last week in 6th grade math, we reviewed multiple digit division. Students were reminded to keep their work neat, line up place values, and bring down all digits until you reach the ones place. We discussed what a remainder is and how to write the remainder as an “r” or as a fraction. We had a quiz on Friday and all of your children and doing a great job. This will be very important as we move onto division with decimals in a few weeks.

This week, we are finding the Least Common Multiple (LCM) and Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of two or more numbers. We will be using these in word problems. If you want a quick review, watch the video listed below:

7th Grade Math – Mrs. VonFeldt and Mrs. Evans

Last week in 7th grade math, our students began to work with negative integers.  We will continue to learn how to add and subtract integers that are both negative and positive.  This is a very important skill in algebra so we will be developing a foundational skill!   We will be learning to model these problems on number lines and with counters.  We will also be using the absolute value to find answers.

Here is a great visual to help adding and subtracting integers:

You can also get help with these skills by watching this video:

8th Grade Math – Mrs. Evans

Last week in 8th grade math we began a review of rational numbers.  Rational numbers include fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.  We reminded ourselves how to write these numbers in different ways.  We can turn any one of them into another.  Then we reviewed multiplication and division of rational numbers as well as adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators.  It is great to have time to remind ourselves of these important skills so that we can work with them effectively.  This week we will review how to add and subtract fractions, decimals and mixed numbers and then we will review solving basic, one-step equations.  An excellent place to review skills we have learned is IXL.COM. Students have had time in class to make sure they can access the program.   Practice builds confidence!

Paul Halmos Quote: “The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.”

Algebra – Mrs. VonFeldt

Algebra class started off with a review of variables and variable expressions. We practiced writing expressions, equations, and inequalities from verbal phrases. Since algebra is all about solving equations and inequalities, this is a very important skill to have. This week students are working cooperatively on a project. Each team has been given a pattern. They are challenged to generalize the pattern by writing an expression and describing how to create Figure 100. They will be creating a poster and presenting to the class. 

At the end of the week, we will discuss significant figures, why they are important, and how to calculate with them. 

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