Seventh Grade Religion

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: Who is my neighbor?

Students will understand we are missionaries by our baptismal call. We ask, who is close to us, and who is on the margins of our lives? Who needs to most help?

Unit 2: Disturbance: causing to action

We ask ourselves; “who is showing love to my neighbor?” There are people out there who receive no love, but as missionaries, we can change that. Students will familiarize ways to help their neighbors on the margins.

Unit 3: Response

After realizing that there are people out there who need our help, we need to be able to effectively send our help out to them. Our path of mission is, “A single, but complex reality” –Pope John Paul II


Grade Breakdown

 Semester Grades:

  • Quizzes & Tests – 40%
  • Everything else – 40%
  • Participation and engagement – 20%


Retake Policy: Any quiz or test can be retaken one time provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The retake must be scheduled immediately and completed within one week of the original test date.
  2. When about to take a retake, your test or quiz must include a parent signature.
  3. Any missing assignments specifically relevant to the tested material must be completed before the retake is done.


Homework /Late Assignments

  • Homework that is not complete will receive a 0 and it will be noted as a missing assignment until completed
  • Late work is accepted at any time for 10 school days after the homework is assigned. During the 10 days after the assigned work, points will be deducted each day it is late.  After 10 days the student will receive a score of 0 points.