Seventh Grade Social Studies

Geography and Washington State History

Instructor:  Marc Costanza
Our World
Washington:  A State of Contrasts


  1. Text as guide
  2. One project per semester
  3. Group activities
  4. Films
  5. Testing; Pop quizzes (when/if reading is required as homework)
  6. Discussions/lectures
  7. In the News due every Friday; Where in the World (begins in Winter)
  8. Field trip to Ft. Casey and Ebey’s Landing (Early January) after Washington State Unit.

Focus:  Washington State history.  Sept to about Mid November.   Tests are open book.

There is also the chance to take a test by-pass (mini projects after each section, must be done due date, all sections must be done to receive credit)

Exploring the three cities that use to make up Bellingham.

9/28 Finding Native American Reservations

9/14  Where in Washington Game

9/7/22 Giant Washington Map

Tests/quizzes:  30%
Participation/Behavior:  15%
Homework:  20% (work not accepted once chapter/unit assessment is done)
Classwork:  15%
In The News:  20% (2nd Semester—10%, Where in the World 10%)

Projects:         First Semester—Pecha Kucha 20/20 (influential Washingtonian, economic activity, or geographic feature)

Second Semester–Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Extra Credit–posted in TEAMS.  I suggest checking the TEAM’s page regularly for these, especially during February and March.

Exploration Unit
How a caravel works: