Seventh Grade Social Studies

World History and Washington State History

Instructor:  Marc Costanza


Cengage Learning–World History Great Civilizations

Washington:  A State of Contrasts


  1. Text as guide
  2. One project per semester
  3. Group activities
  4. Films
  5. Testing; Pop quizzes (when/if reading is required as homework)
  6. Discussions/lectures
  7. In the News due every Friday; Where in the World (begins in Winter)


Washington State history.  First Semester.   Tests are open book.

World History–Middle Ages to late early 21st Century. Second Semester.

There is also the chance to take a test by-pass (mini projects after each section, must be done by test date, all sections must be done to receive credit; not available on open book tests.

EC–listed on TEAMS. check frequently

2/1/24 European Map–Middle Ages

10/02/23 Giant Washington Map, Physical and Human Geography; putting away the map

9/25/23 Giant Washington Map, Latitude and longitude

9/18/23 Giant Washington Map in Gym, Native American Reservations

9/11/23 Giant Washington Map

9/8/23 Geographic areas of Washington