Weekly News

News! Week of 3/11/19

Kids Heart Challenge – Physical Education service-learning project!


Next week the students will jump rope and travel through the heart course in Physical Education class.  This American Heart Association supported event is an opportunity to learn more about our healthy heart and to donate to this national organization. Each student is encouraged to raise $15.00 to contribute to the American Heart Association. The goal this year is to raise $3000.00.  Please watch for a donation envelop for your child. Take time to read the AHA donation envelop and information.


The seventh grade literature students are finishing their Literature Circle projects and will be presenting them very soon. The books that they read are: Scorpions by Walter Dean Meyers, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, and The Lord of the Flies by William Golding.


This week in music, students are continuing their studies on the history of African American Spirituals, with singing and analyzing the text of Swing Low, Swing Chariot.

The 7th and 8th grade Spanish students are finalizing our projects and getting ready to present them. The kids have worked really hard on them and I am excited to see them.

Social Studies is studying the Renaissance period packet and quiz.  Current Event (new format) and WITW due Thursday.

SLE 2B; 3C


Language Arts is studying Latin 11;  In grammar, punctuation.   Descriptive essay on a Renaissance art piece past due.

SLE 2B; 3C


In Algebra, the students are adding and subtracting polynomial expressions. We will begin exploring polynomial multiplication using algebra tiles and then move onto FOIL. The Chapter 7 test will be on Wednesday, March 6.


In Pre-algebra, We continue to work in Module 8 this week and will have a test on it Friday.  We began looking at similar shapes and scale drawings.    Next we have been looking at what we know about triangles and how to draw them given some information – the protractors have been coming in handy!  We are happy to know that the three interior angles of any triangle add up to 180 degrees!   We also learned about the triangle inequality rule that tells us about the allowed lengths of the sides of triangles.  Very useful information!  This week we will be learning about relationships between angles – adjacent angles, vertical angles,  complementary and supplementary angles.

The 8th grade math class starting chapter 7 on Monday. This chapter consists of combining like terms in algebra and practicing more complicated ways of solving multi-variable equations.

The 7th grade science class has had a few activities on Lotka Volterra equations and population dynamics and will be studying the cycling of energy in ecosystems this week.

The 7th grade Religion class is continuing to prepare for our immersion at Hope House which is now scheduled to be in April. We are studying New Testament stories in combination with the liturgical calendar and will also be preparing for Reconciliation this Friday.


Mr. Pryor