Class newsletter

6/11 Field Day

5/22 Chocolate Tasting (Meso America Unit)

5/14 Missoula Children’s Theater Workshop

5/08-5/10 Camp Hamilton

5/02 Fun Run

4/15 Poetry recitals with props

3/14/24 Death of Caesar practice

3/07/24 Good Friday Practice

2/27 Triremes (test alternate)

2/26 Triremes (test alternate)

2/13 Valentines with 2nd grade buddies

2/2 Candlemass. Feast of the presentation of our Lord.

2/1 Greek Architecture. Making columns.

2/1/24 CSW Student Kahoots


Terracotta Warriors, Art with Mrs. Santos tie in with World History China Unit


2nd Grade Buddies–gumdrop towers and snowflakes

11/28/23 Cornwall Park Service Project

11/14/23 Cornwall Park Service Project

11/7/23 With 2nd grade buddies

10/19/23 Learning about prayer.

10/11/23 First book report, Fiction. Some students chose to make shadow boxes.

10/04/23 St. Francis Prayer service (put on by 5th Grade, Mrs. Thomas) and animal blessing.

9/20 Working on a map of Mesopotamia.


Telling stories in the oral tradition. (For Literature)


First Mass.

8/31/23 Latitude and longitude Globe toss

8/30/23 First day of school

6/14 Last day of school, blowing up a watermelon


Girls vs. boys in jigsaw puzzle race. Out of two, it resulted in a tie!


Meleah reading her poem at the Bellingham Ferry Terminal. She was one of the winners in the Susan C. Boynton Poetry Contest.

5/18 Fun Run aftermath

5/10-5/12/23 Camp Hamilton

Hobbit House


Industrial Revolution Projects

Advertising unit–students are looking up examples of bandwagon, testimonial, transfer, emotional words, and repetition propaganda used in advertising.

4.2123. Poem Recitals, Neighborhood Odes by Gary Soto

Ode to Pinata

4.13.23 Poem Recitals, Neighborhood Odes by Gary Soto

Ode to Senor Leal’s Goat (honorary goat below, didn’t like the horns)

4.11.23 Poem Recitals, Neighborhood Odes by Gary Soto

Ode to My Perrito

3/31 Last Supper and Agony in the Garden

3/24 Astrolabe Test Pass

3/24 Dancing in the gym

3/16/23 Caesar’s Death Scene, Shakespeare

3/15/23 Last Supper and Agony in Garden Prayer Service Practice

2/21 6th Religion

Thank you notes.

2/21 6th Literature

Death of Caesar

2/8 Bruneleschi’s elevator (7th Grade Social Studies)

2/7 Topo Maps of Italy for our Social Studies Rome Unit

2/6/23 Shadow Boxes, Literature

1/11/23 For Social Studies–constructing columns.

12/22/22 Terracotta Warriors, China Unit

November, Cornwall Park Service Project


First Day of School 8/31/22

Camp Lutherwood

3/3`1 7th Grade Industrial Revolution Projects

Practicing for Good Friday 3/23

Death of Caesar 3/15

Gary Soto Poem Presentation, Ode to Pinata

Jesse Tree for Advent

Service Project, 11/30

Service Project, Cornwall Park 11/12/21

6th Grade Saints 11/01/21

Shadoof samples, Egypt Unit  10/27/21

Fiction Book Report samples 9/29/21
Shadow boxes

MAP testing  9/23/21

First day of school 2021

Field Day
June 2021

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Oct. 12
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Sept. 29
Sept. 29 newsletter

Sept. 21
Sept. 21 newsletter

Sept. 14
sept. 14School Mass for 6th Grade through 8th Grade only at 8:15 am, Dress Uniform for these grades. Come straight to the church at 8:15 and we’ll show you were your class is sitting.

Summer Break
summer break 6th

Mar 16(1)

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Feb. 24
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