Sixth Grade Social Studies

Social Studies—6th

Instructor:  Mr. Costanza

Texts:  Cengage Learning—National Geographic World History Great Civilizations

Classes will include

                        1.  Text as guide

                        2.  One project per semester

                        3.  Group Activities

                        4.  Films

                        5.  Testing; pop quizzes

                        6.  Discussions

                        7.  Edu-Jeopardy—chapter review before test in a game setting

Areas of study:  cradles of civilization through Africa.

Emphasis—Egypt, Greece, Government, Economics


Tests*/Quizzes/Projects: 35%

Homework:  25% (done through Office 365)

Classwork: 25%

Participation: 15%

Projects:          First Semester—Multiple mini-projects (including but not limited to—clay models, reports)

                        Second Semester—Elgin Marbles prep and debate

Extra Credit—posted in TEAMS.  I suggest checking the TEAM’s page regularly for these, especially during February and March.

*Note—all closed book tests will also have a by-pass project taking around 2 hrs. to complete.  Students may do this instead of taking the test.  Open book tests and Map tests will not have this option.

10/24/23  Test by-pass option–Shadoof for Egypt unit

Students are crafting in clay, the three styles of columns for part of their Greek History unit.
They need to know all the parts and the temples where the columns are found

Terracotta Statues from China Unit

Researching and construction 12/1

Final Product 12/5

Shadoofs 10/25/22

Latitude/Longitude Globe toss 9/1/22