Book Report Choices

Book reports:  Due approximately every 3 weeks.   Choose 1 of the options below, see me if you choose creative.

Standard– 12 Font, single spaced, generic font
Head a paper as you would for class.
Where assignment goes, put genre.
Under that, the first line of your paper, in center, put Title and author.
Write a two paragraph summary of book.  3-5 sentences per paragraph
Skip two lines.
Write a one paragraph opinion of book.
Skip two lines
Write two or so sentences on your favorite character.

Shadow Box/Diorama—
Illustrate one scene of your book using paper, clay, salt dough, etc.
Attach a 3/5 card to top with title(underlined), author, and your name followed by a description of illustrated scene.

Same format as standard except presented in front of class orally.

Choose a book and present one scene to the class:  puppet show, theater, etc.  Must OK with me.

Flow Chart—
What happened?  Illustrate and explain the sequence of events and (if any) sub-stages.  Minimum of three events, maximum of five.   Illustrate three panels/boxes.

Edible (may only do once per semester)
Was there a food prominently featured in your story?  Make it and explain its significance.

Extra Credit—extra book report, on a book you have not done one on but have journaled on.  Must be in standard form; up to 10 pts.