Sixth Grade Religion

TEXT:  The Bible, Blessed Are We, Family Life


During the school year sixth graders will focus on faith, prayer, worship and how personal choices affect their lives and the lives of those around them.  Throughout the school year students will celebrate with Assumption student body, staff and community during monthly liturgies and assemblies.  Sixth graders are responsible for organizing and presenting at least two Masses during the school year.  Students receive participation credit for conduct at school Masses, assemblies and religion classes. A basic history of Catholicism will be presented through the use of the text and Bible stories.  Students will become acquainted with the books of the Bible.

Students are responsible for participating in service projects throughout the school year.  Each semester, students are to complete 6 hours of service projects individually and 6 hours of service projects classroom sponsored (Cornwall park and school garden) for a total of 12 hours.  Acceptable projects are those in which the student works without monetary compensation or other extrinsic rewards to benefit others and are not a part of the student’s familial responsibility.

Working at Cornwall Park–removing invasives

Tests, Quizzes, Prayers                                                      35%

Participation in Masses, assemblies and classes         15%

Service project/Service hours                                         25%

Classwork                                                                            25%

Ofrenda del día de muertos (for Espanol Class)

Students and parents are a part of the Program within the context of Christian Moral Living and the challenges facing today’s Catholic Family.  Begins in May.

Call to Protect—two (2) workshops—one in October and one in March, information will be sent home beforehand.

Last Supper, at Gethsamane (Good Friday prayer service)

At the skating center


CYO Camp Hamilton (April 16-18 2019)–learning about watersheds, trusting each other on the ropes course, canoeing, testing water and looking at bug life, and skulls and scat identification.