Friday, May 24th

Happy Memorial Weekend! I’m hoping you all enjoy a wonderful three day weekend. The students and I are having fun “Ending the Year with a Bang!”


Book Reports – NEXT WEEK! Presentations will begin on Tuesday. Students will bring their clothing in a bag and change before. These ones are SOO important to practice and thank you for helping the students prepare. Schedules were in your Friday folders last week.

End of Year Celebration -You are all invited to join us on Thursday at 1:30 for a class celebration in the library.


Literacy -This week we read a realistic fiction story about a girl and her grandma in Florida that helped us understand how hurricanes are formed. For writing we reviewed the friendly letter format and wrote letters to the second graders with some do’s and don’ts of third grade.

Religion -This week we concluded our month focus on Mary and the different apparitions. We learned specifically about the Miraculous Metal and all the symbolism, even an art project with that. Our Religion Book focused on the incarnation, as well as the annunciation.

Social Studies -We are thoroughly enjoying learning about Mexico and this week we made piñatas! I can’t wait to put everything together for the Multicultural Fair! Please see above Sign Up Genius to help with the food portion. All students should be here and able to commit to a 15 minute slot to represent their group project and explain the artwork, etc.

Science -We completed our weather and climate unit this week with a fun game and exploration on EPIC books.

Spanish -This week, we learned new vocabulary to describe personality. We played games like Simon Says and Spot the Difference to practice the new vocabulary. A link to the vocabulary on Quizlet can be found here for students to practice or share the vocabulary at home if they’d like.

Art -Students exploring Mexican mirror art will enhance their creations by adding paper foil embossing. Using aluminum foil and cardstock, they’ll apply glue to create textured surfaces, molding the foil to mimic traditional embossing. With a gentle touch, they’ll refine the detailing, capturing the essence of vibrant mirrors while fostering cultural appreciation.

Friday, May 17

Happy Friday! We love you, moms!! <3

**Family Life Books -It’s that time. Please return these gray books next week in order for you not to be charged for the replacement books. I have just a few returned as of now.

MAP Testing -We will complete the final two tests next week (Tuesday and Thursday) so you will find no homework once again. Please ensure the children are getting good sleep and healthy breakfasts.

Candy Donations – We will be making small individual piñatas to accompany our student and projects on Mexico. IF you are able, would you consider donating a bag or two of candy to go in them? I’ll disperse and purchase some but it would help to supplement.

**PLEASE SEE BELOW ABOUT SPANISH REQUEST -Packet is in your child’s Friday Folder.

Missoula Theatre – I’m so proud of the attendance of third graders in the play this year and I can’t wait to go see it! If your child is not in the production, it is a wonderful show to come watch and be there to support his/her classmates. Show times are Saturday at 1 and 3pm.

Book Reports -Students should be deep into their books and we talked about writing notecards and the expectations of this report in class. They should begin searching for clothing to help them “become” their person. ALL presentations must be in first person. Students are expected to practice, practice, practice for this one! Please reach out to me if you need any supplies for costumes. See your child’s Friday Folders for his/her assigned dates and more specific information.


Literacy -This week we read numerous stories on Mexico, and a nonfiction piece on weather. Reading across content! In writing students, independently wrote a paragraph on a portion of their group project on Mexico. This is the BEST time of year!

Math -We learned about measurement to the quarter inch, volume, and mass this week. We wrapped up with a test on measurement and will be moving into our next unit on geometry.

Science -We explored high wind speed, tornadoes, and the students were able to construct a home and explore ways to make it stronger to withstand the extreme weather.

Spanish -Last week, we had a visit from a traveling Our Lady of Fatima. Students learned that there will be a Marian Shrine built in Washington to create a permanent home for Our Mother. In their Friday folders, students will receive a packet asking for their ideas for the Marian Shrine. Please complete the parent’s ideas on the last page, and help your student complete their ideas on the other pages. Packets are due back by May 23rd. Thank you!

Social Studies -We are learning so much about Mexico! The students and I can’t wait to show you on the evening of Friday, May 31st. Please mark your calendars!

Religion -This week we talked about the month of May, focusing on Mary. We learned about various Marian apparitions through a beautiful book I have. We will look closer on the miraculous metal next week! We also learned about Saint Catherine of Sienna, the annunciation, and had an opportunity to go to Adoration.

Friday, May 10

I’m excited to see the students tonight and skate and PARTY! See you at 6pm!

Huge thank you to Koda, his father Dakota, and grandfather who came to share their culture and teach us about the Lummi and Native traditions. The students learned a blessing song, got to sample some amazing smoked salmon, and even fry bread!

Mother’s Day Cafe – All moms are invited to join us on Monday at 2:00. From poetry, stories, and writing, the students have so much to share, but we will crunch it in ;).

Book Report -Your child should be working through their biography/autobiography. Some are close to finishing or done already. As they finish, students will be creating notecards, and practicing, practicing, practicing. They will enter the classroom, in costume, acting as their person, speaking only in first person. These are fabulous!

Missoula Children’s Theatre -Next week is the week! IF your child is participating in this wonderful opportunity they will be excused from homework for the week. I can’t wait to see the production this year.

Multicultural Fair –Mark your calendars for Friday, May 31st. The students are working hard researching, and learning so much! Each student has a part in creating their display, writing, and educating us on a portion of the country of Mexico.

MAP Testing -This week we completed reading and science. The growth was truly amazing! I told the students they would earn a SI Star for each number above their projected growth. We had many students surpassing their growth number by more than 10 points. WOW!

Prayer Testing -We have finished breaking down our last prayer for third grade (Apostles Creed) and are now practicing it every day at school. Students are expected to master this, saying it to me for their cumulative prayer cards. Please practice this at home as well. Each child brought home a beautifully crafted cursive version this week.

Friday, May 3

What a week! Fun Run, field trip, projects, and lots of learning! The students are busily preparing for their special Mother’s Day Cafe, the Multicultural Fair, and so much more during this busy time of year. This is my all-time favorite month and I’m soaking up every minute with this group.

HUGE THANK YOU!!! The appreciation was felt, heartwarming, and so loved this week. What a great group of students, parents, and I appreciate all of you just as much! <3

SKATE BASH -Mrs. Russell, Coach Eager, and I are incredibly excited to celebrate this wonderful group of kids! The Rollerskating Bash is in the Assumption Gym and you will drop off excited, hungry, and happy kids at 6pm. We have skates and everything they need; helmets and pads if preferred! ALL PARENTS MUST FILL OUT THE FORM HERE: 

If you know your child will not be attending I would really appreciate you letting me know as I’m planning a little additional surprise for this group.

Book Reports -NEW -This month students have selected a biography or autobiography book to read. Upon completion the students will dress up and become this person. This is truly one of my favorite projects and a great way to wrap up book reports in third grade.

MAP Testing -We will begin next week, testing on Tuesday and Thursday. For the next three weeks we will not have homework and this is due to testing and Missoula Children’s Theater the following week. Enjoy ;).

Mother’s Day Cafe -Come let us share our writing, poetry, and celebrate the most important ladies in our lives. Monday, May 13th, at 2:00pm. The students are working so hard to prepare a nice afternoon for you.


Literacy -The class wrapped up their creative stories, and worked on their poetry books in writing. For reading we began a book on Weather and Climate, creating a great cross curriculum unit. We read a poem on clouds reflecting on figurative speech, specifically metaphors. We also read a nonfiction piece on the topic.

Math -Mathematicians began a unit on measurement, starting with time. This can be a difficult concept for students. Do you have any analogue clocks or watches the students can practice on? It’s great practical content, specifically elapsed time.

Social Studies -Students were able to meet in their groups for their Mexico research projects. We are in the early stage of gathering information.

Science -Scientists looked at weather data in three different cities and looked at patterns to determine which city would be best to hold a snow festival. We looked closer at the difference between weather and climate in our reading book as well.

Spanish – This week in Spanish, we practiced adjectives. We wrote a description of our pets and played “guess who” with describing words spoken only in Spanish!

Friday, April 19th

What beautiful sunshine! I know this is a busy time and I appreciate your collaboration. There are a couple important things coming up next week. First, we have our field trip on Wednesday. This is a great hands on experience for our students to explore and learn about the Native American’s in our very own back yard. Next week (Friday, April 26) is also our Mass. Please ask your child if they have a reading part and practice with them at home. We will have two days of practicing next week in the church as well.

Book Reports- Students have their selections and assessment guidelines. Please encourage them to keep reading, there is still a lot of time. Also, next month our reports will look a little different, so please wait to select a book.

A special treat of Italian Sodas for Carson’s birthday today! Wow, thank you Mrs. Hoza for this creative experience and Happy Birthday, Carson!


Literacy -This week we read a story called The Trial of Rabbit. It was a cute version of the story we read last week but from a different point of view. The students were able to draw out the nonliteral language, specifically hyperboles and idioms, recognizing how this adds to a story. The students also continued with the writing process on their own creative story, incorporating figurate speech. Lastly, April is poetry week and we dove into a poetry unit, which is going to be really fun!

Math –Third graders continued comparing fractions and wrapped up the week ordering three fractions. Strategies included same denominator, same numerator, and missing pieces.

Social Studies -In social studies we are learning about the Native American tribes in the United States regions we learned about last. This week we covered the Northeastern Woodlands, the Southeast Region, and the Great Plains. Next week we will learn about the Western Region, specifically our very own area and prepare for the field trip on Wednesday. Students were also able to learn their Mexico topic and meet in their group but we will dedicate more time with this in May. I know they are eager!

Science -Meteorologists continued their study of the clouds. We took notes, played a fun game, and looked at how to predict a storm.

Religion -This week we covered the first chapter in our Family Life Books, covering the Family and God’s plan. We learned that all families look different and God loves each and every one.

Art WA529 Art Contest for a Chance to Boost Your Education Funds!

Students will create artwork reflecting their dream job, providing a glimpse into their aspirations. This project offers them the opportunity to submit their creations to an art contest with enticing rewards:

  • Grand Prize: $529 in a GET or DreamAhead 529 education savings account for the lucky winner.
  • Additional Rewards: Three schools with the highest participation rates (relative to their enrollment) will each receive a $500 Amazon gift card for their school library!

Spanish –This week in Spanish, we read and decorated a mini book about pets, colors, and numbers.

Our TOTB this week was not an Earth, because we celebrate this day on Monday! So creative third graders!

Friday, April 12

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful spring break. We had a great week in third grade!

Rollerskating Bash for ALL of third grade!! Friday, May 10th. Please mark your calendars and plan to drop your children off at 6pm, hungry and ready to party!! Thank you, LeTellier Family!

Class Photos-Tuesday, April 16th. Dress uniforms.

ORDER CLASS BOOK:*njuynzk1otq1lje3mte2odg1oda.&_ga=2.209322770.1407384290.1711688581-617498802.1711074541

Family Life -Next week we will be starting a unit titled Family Life. This explores God’s plan for the family and is a new curriculum taught in our school in coordination with our religion curriculum. You will be receiving a book in your Wednesday Envelope next week titled Parent Connection. There are some family prayers, parenting and family suggestions, and how to navigate the world we live in. These are NOT consumable and checked out to you. You may keep them as long as you would like to use them, but if you feel that you will not be using them, please return them.

April Book Report -Students have had their books approved and should be working through them at this point. Selections will come home next week. This month’s reports will be due on April 30th.


Religion -Happy Easter! We learned that Easter lasts 8 days and the Easter Season lasts 50 in the Catholic Church! We then specifically focused on the Paschal Candle and some Easter traditions.

Literacy -Authors are progressing through the writing process and writing creative stories. I gave them some options, guided them through a story hook and they are applying their knowledge of figurative speech, plot, and good sentence structure. They are truly off and running and having so much fun at it! For reading we read a fictional story about a coyote and a rabbit, which the students enjoyed. We searched for comparative and superlative adjectives and hyperboles. In addition this week we learned idioms.

Math -Mathematicians wrapped up the first chapter on fractions and have moved into comparing fractions. We are still practicing math facts every day as well!

Science -Our new unit is weather and climate. This week we brainstormed questions and had a little competition. Students explored what clouds are, how they are formed, and are learning the different types of clouds.

Social Studies -We are in the middle of two units now as we progress through this spring. Busy busy! First, we learned the regions of the United States this week and will relate it to Native American Tribes, leading up to our field trip on the 24th. Second, I’m sure you have heard about our Mexico focus. They are so excited! Next week we will get in research groups and begin gathering specific information.

Art – Building the Leaning Tower of Pisa: A 3D Paper Art LessonStudents will create a 3D model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa using paper, incorporating values to add texture to the windows, while exploring the concept of perspective in art.

Spanish -This week in Spanish, students practiced pet and family vocabulary with a crossword and matching games.

Friday, March 22nd

Happy Spring! This time of year is so fun as a teacher. The students are truly off and running and it’s amazing to see the growth from the beginning of the year.

A great way to start the week. Welcoming Ryan back and celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with Readers Theater and a special popcorn treat.

Book Reports -Students should have their directions based on their selections now and able to have fun this month relating a project to the plot of their book. These are due by Thursday, but please send them in as you finish so we can share throughout the week. Also, if your child is eager to begin their April book, please go for it! We have Spring Break to start and I’d love for them to take advantage of that reading time! I’ll require students to tell me their April book by the 8th when we return.


Literacy – This week students took on our new fictional unit and read a version of Cinderella from her point of view. We looked at perspective in the story, and learned about superlative and comparative adjectives, along with hyperboles. It’s so fun to see them recognizing all the figurative language we’ve been learning in their own books and our read alouds. For writing we wrapped up our opinion pieces and are getting into a creative story. These should be fun!

Math– Third graders dove deeper into fractions this week and looked at a number line, fractions greater than one, and even plotted their names in fractions.

Religion- As we approach Holy Week we are preparing to learn about the Triduum, and the Passion of Christ. In our religion books this week we covered virtue vs. vices and faithful vs. unfaithful.

Social Studies– The students and I are having fun with our new curriculum and learning together all the online portal can offer. It’s fun to see them discover new features, share their findings, and teach each other. This week we looked at the natural features of deserts and oceans.

Science -We completely wrapped up our unit on Genetics/Heredity this week. The students wrote a letter to someone about all they’ve learned, with a rubric to guide them in explaining their knowledge.

Spanish -This week in Spanish, we designed cards to give to family members. We also learned vocabulary to name our pets.

I’m incredibly proud of these 8 students who have completely passed out of multiplication and division fact fluency through our Xtra Math Program. I know more students will be joining them soon and ALL students are improving! Keep up the great work and congratulations to these!

Friday, March 15, 2024

What a fun, busy week! From the Perfect Pizzeria, St. Patrick’s Dress, to the preparations of our Readers Theater and buddy time, we learned and worked hard!

If you did not receive a personalized Canva Invitation from your child, know that you are all invited to their Saint Patrick’s Day presentations on Monday at 8:30. I let the students have a say in who they wanted to invite, where they were going to perform, and which script they wanted. They even created the invitations and programs. Love the ownership and putting their voices into play as we learned in our government unit.

Book Reports -You will find the student choice sheet in the Friday Folders today. Students know these are due on Monday, with their selections. I will give you the outline and complete instructions based on their choices next week. They should be working through those March books at this time.


Literacy -This week we wrapped up the Benchmark Unit Book and our selection on the African American and women’s right to vote. Students answered text dependent questions with evidence and PQPA. We also continued practicing the skill of writing a concise summary with the main idea and the 5Ws. The paragraph writing is getting really good with this group!! The rest of our reading time was spent practicing scripts, and truly working on the important element of fluency. In writing students are working through the writing process on their opinion piece.

Math -Fractions! So fun! We tackled the tricky lesson of equal shares but they are doing a great job! It was fun to teach about Pi and link in our fractions and dividing pies into equal pieces and recognizing unit fractions. As your child what pi is ;).

Social Studies -Geographers looked at landforms today and we explored the site that matches our curriculum, Studies Weekly. They specifically learned about mountains and valleys and will dive into more natural features next week.

Religion -Third graders finished their Stations of the Cross illustrations with their buddies and completed the assessment in their religion book on God’s covenant with his chosen people, the Israelites in the old testament, and began learning about faithfulness and unfaithfulness. How is your Lent going?

Science -We will be wrapping up our Heredity Unit looking at inherited vs. acquired traits.

Spanish -Using the Spanish family vocabulary we’ve learned, students created cards for various members of their family. We also played many vocabulary review games!

Friday, March 8

Happy Friday! Another short week but I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet with several of you to support your child second semester. What a great group of kids and I’m grateful for all of you!

**PENNY WARS PIZZA PARTY -We will be celebrating this victory on Tuesday. You will not have to pack a lunch that day. Students will be awarded this lunch, along with a celebratory ice cream sundae! Congratulations, class!!

I’m just hoping that I can ask one of you to go to Lakeway and pick up the pizza from Little Cesars and deliver it by noon that day (Tuesday). If you are able to volunteer to do this, please reach out to me.

We had a lovely field trip to the courthouse and visit with Judge Jones! Thank you volunteers. It’s really one of my favorites with the class and how special that it was his youngest daughter’s class!


Literacy – This week we read a nonfiction passage on the history of voting, specifically for African Americans and women. Students used the 5W framework to write a summary with the main idea and they are doing great with this! We also began a Readers Theater Unit on Saint Patrick’s Day and they are having a blast. In writing we are working on an opinion piece based on what they want to do/be when they grow up. I’m breaking it down to add similes, and make their writing more engaging to read.

Math -Mathematicians wrapped up their unit on division after spending a few days on order of operations. I assured them they will revisit this concept year after year and build on their foundation. Next week we will dive into fractions, another fun math concept!

Social Studies -In social studies this week we wrapped up our government unit. Next week we will get back into landforms.

Science -Scientists looked at selection this week. We learned that natural selection can even happen without humans. The students were very intrigued on how dogs have been bread and we did an experiment about geckos, based off a real life island near Florida.

Religion -For religion we continue to learn through our Lenten journeys but we also began a chapter on Noah and God’s covenant. Students will be praying the stations of the cross around the school next week.

Spanish -This week in Spanish class, we created a family tree with all the family vocabulary we’ve learned. Then, students asked each other questions about their families, and made a graph about siblings.

Election Day!

What a fun process! We can’t wait to top it off on Monday at our field trip to the courthouse and visiting Judge Jones (regular uniform please). The students learned a lot through this process and will continue to learn about the history of voting rights next week. However, I am holding everyone in suspense until Monday when Adele (one of our candidates) returns. I’m proud of all three of the girls. What great leaders they are!

If you signed up for a conference next Friday, March 8th I should have emailed you a time. All times are filled, however if you would still like a spring conference, please reach out to me.


Reading -This week we learned about Rosa Parks and Cesar Chavez in our reading book. We talked about what made them good leaders and specifically how to pull out important information and write a summary with the main idea. This is a challenging skill but we will be working on it for a good month. At this age they want to give ALL the details!

Writing -We began the process of writing and publishing a third grade book. They are writing about when they grow up. They are silly, creative, and fun! We used the acronym OREO (Opinion, Reasons, Examples, and Opinion-restating). Their paragraphs are getting solid and it’s so exciting to see them at the point of adding detail and expanding their ideas more. Look for an order form for these great books soon!

Math – Mathematicians are solidifying their division facts as we quickly cruised through the chapter. We end with multi step problems and order of operations next week though and those are harder concepts. Keep practicing those facts!

Religion –This week the students enjoyed a Lenten Bible Hunt with a friend. They were given questions and verses to find the answers. They did an amazing job! Students also had an opportunity to go to Reconciliation so we did a thorough examination of conscience.

Science -Scientists did two engaging activities through Mystery Science this week on traits and genetics. Specifically we looked at selection, breeding, how plants and animals have evolved.

Social Studies -Government Unit -Students should be quite familiar with the three branches by now and how the election process works (a nice election ;)) They creative a tree with the three branches as a visual and we are looking forward to Mondays field trip to gain more information.

Spanish -This week in Spanish class, students labeled their family pictures and described their family in Spanish to a small group. 

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