Friday, March 15, 2024

What a fun, busy week! From the Perfect Pizzeria, St. Patrick’s Dress, to the preparations of our Readers Theater and buddy time, we learned and worked hard!

If you did not receive a personalized Canva Invitation from your child, know that you are all invited to their Saint Patrick’s Day presentations on Monday at 8:30. I let the students have a say in who they wanted to invite, where they were going to perform, and which script they wanted. They even created the invitations and programs. Love the ownership and putting their voices into play as we learned in our government unit.

Book Reports -You will find the student choice sheet in the Friday Folders today. Students know these are due on Monday, with their selections. I will give you the outline and complete instructions based on their choices next week. They should be working through those March books at this time.


Literacy -This week we wrapped up the Benchmark Unit Book and our selection on the African American and women’s right to vote. Students answered text dependent questions with evidence and PQPA. We also continued practicing the skill of writing a concise summary with the main idea and the 5Ws. The paragraph writing is getting really good with this group!! The rest of our reading time was spent practicing scripts, and truly working on the important element of fluency. In writing students are working through the writing process on their opinion piece.

Math -Fractions! So fun! We tackled the tricky lesson of equal shares but they are doing a great job! It was fun to teach about Pi and link in our fractions and dividing pies into equal pieces and recognizing unit fractions. As your child what pi is ;).

Social Studies -Geographers looked at landforms today and we explored the site that matches our curriculum, Studies Weekly. They specifically learned about mountains and valleys and will dive into more natural features next week.

Religion -Third graders finished their Stations of the Cross illustrations with their buddies and completed the assessment in their religion book on God’s covenant with his chosen people, the Israelites in the old testament, and began learning about faithfulness and unfaithfulness. How is your Lent going?

Science -We will be wrapping up our Heredity Unit looking at inherited vs. acquired traits.

Spanish -Using the Spanish family vocabulary we’ve learned, students created cards for various members of their family. We also played many vocabulary review games!

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