Thursday, November 10, 2022

Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who have served our country. I know we have several family members ,including parents who are veterans, and we are so grateful for your service. In third grade we are going to carry over our Veteran’s Day lessons into next week and beyond as we prepare our care packages for our Service Learning Project.

I know this is a busy time of year and we are all asked a lot in terms of donations so the following is of course optional, however, if you are able I put a list of items to include in your child’s Friday Folders. Last year I purchased most items at the dollar store so this is a great place. All of these donations will be combined with our Halloween Candy donations, their letters and art in a shoe box. If you have empty boxes at home, we would love those! I have some, but not 23!

IMMIGRATION DAY: Please mark your calendars for December 7th at 1pm. More information on how you can help is on the way (Sign-up Genius) but we NEED parent assistance to make this a successful experience for the students so please block out the afternoon if you are able.

Bakery Day -(Math Review)

Reading – This week we wrapped up our Unit on Animal Adaptations in reading/science. They learned a lot and I’m proud of the scores they received on the first independent assessment they took today.

Writing –We continue to work on the story structure and our dinosaur stories. They are working through the writing process and are having fun becoming a dinosaur!

Math-Today we took the test on multiplication concepts after a fun review yesterday. If you haven’t checked out Seesaw, you can find more pictures there. Next week we will start diving into strategies and begin the memorization of facts starting with 2’s facts.

Religion-Students are really enjoying learning PowerPoint and taking off. Our goal is to be ready to present the final one by next Thursday.

Social Studies– This week we began the book, Molly’s Pilgrim and looked at the essential question of why someone might Immigrate. We first had to define the word Immigration and had some great discussions already, along with personal family immigration stories. How cool!

Art – Queen’s Guard

In this lesson, students will focus on symmetry as they use lines to create the symmetrical flag of the United Kingdom and guard.

November 18th -Grandparents Day (Event begins at 9am in the gym)

Book Fair -Starting Next Week!

Bring Food for the Human Food Chain -Donation Requests in your Wed. Newsletter

November 23rd -Early Release

Friday, November 4th, 2022

Thank you for taking time to meet with me during our parent-teacher conferences this week. I enjoyed having the students there and able to hear about their successes and set goals together. This is an amazing group of kids and I really appreciate the parent support. I am truly blessed! ❤️

We are entering a very busy time of year! There are a lot of events coming up important pieces of information so I hope to keep you informed. Please check the “reminders” section at the bottom of this letter.

Our third grade service learning project involves a connection with the Whidbey Naval Air Station in Oak Harbor. We will be putting together care packages and writing letters. I like to do this in November for two reasons. First, it is Veteran’s Day and we have already been talking about who veterans are and how important they are to us and our country. And second, the children have SO much candy and I know some parents are eager to find an alternative to the consumption of all that sugar ;). We’d love any donations of Halloween Candy for these boxes. In addition to candy, I’ll put together a list of items and more detail soon. I just wanted to catch the Halloween candy window.


Literacy- This week we read about structural adaptations on penguins, while making mental images and practicing with the skill of inferences. We will take this to apply to two different types of camels next week and wrap up the unit on animal adaptations. For writing we moved from the prewrite on our dinosaur stories to the rough drafts. Creative writing is so fun at this age!

Math– We explored the concept of multiplication in equal groups, arrays, and number lines. Their eagerness and excitement about multiplication is so fun! I love it!

Religion– This week we took our saint research and began putting it in our PowerPoint slides. Students learned how to copy and paste images from the internet and spell check when their words are underlined in red. They finished two of the five slides and are loving this!

Science/Social Studies- We continued with fossils and after learning the oceans and continents, we focused in on the United States and the regions of the US in our map/geography unit. These regions will help us this spring with our Native American study.

-Veteran’s Day Mass -This TUESDAY at 8:15. Please invite all family members and friends to be honored at this special Mass.

-SCOUTS -Please wear your uniforms on Tuesday!

-Bring your Halloween Candy Donations

-Canned food donations begin for the HOPE HOUSE HUMAN FOOD CHAIN

-No School, Friday, November 11th

-Grandparents Day -November 18th

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