Friday, October 21, 2022

Happy Friday! It was a busy week in third grade and the students worked hard. We are beginning some bigger class projects in the next few weeks, in addition to some fall/Halloween themed fun next week.

October Book Report: Students are bringing the written portion of their pumpkin report home tonight. Please note that the character trait page is OPTIONAL and available for students who want to work towards the 4. The written story map is required to be completed in his/her best third grade writing, and will accompany the pumpkin. These can be turned in at any point next week, Monday-Friday. We will share them as they come in and put them on display. I will be able to get pumpkins this weekend for anyone who might need one, please let me know by TONIGHT!

Field Trip Next Week: I am so grateful for the abundance of drivers and volunteers! I reached out to the coordinator and confirmed there is not a capacity issue and we can bring as many chaperones that we want ;). I will however be consolidating cars so we can carpool. If you have a preference on another parent to ride with please let me know, otherwise I’ll just pair up and let you know ASAP. I also have directions, parking information, and times that I will get you early next week.

Math Review Centers
Thank you, parents!! It’s so fun having you in the classroom again!

Reading- This week we completed our first Benchmark Assessment online. These are quite challenging so I will guide them through the first few. We are reading about animal coverings and how they help animals adapt to their environments.

Writing- We wrapped up another paragraph and they are getting the hang of the format -topic sentence, supporting sentences, wrap up sentences, in addition to indenting and how to save documents on 365. Students are starting their dinosaur stories and got a chance to hear some of my students stories from last year, which was fun!

Math This week we wrapped up Unit 2 and took the assessment on Friday. This was all on data and guiding them into the introduction of multiplication.

Religion For religion we dove deeper into the Bible and went on a Bible Quest! It was fun to see how quickly they learned the format of the Holy Book and how to use the table of contents. Ask them at home about this!

Social Studies- We will wrap up the unit on map skills soon! Students are able to now locate all five oceans and all seven continents. We rotated through some centers to review this week and will end with a fun balloon project. I can’t wait!

Science- So much to learn on fossils! We will be making our own dinosaur fossils next week with plaster of paris and clay. We’ve had opportunities to use a few computer programs to dive deeper into this concept. Freckle is a great one if you want to look at home.

Music –

  • Reading the poem In A Dark Dark Room to practice musical dynamics  
  • Singing a song using sol, mi and do pitches and playing a game with the song 
  • Using classroom instruments to play along to Hobgoblin by Robert Schumann  

Art –

Directed drawing and proportions. Students drew cats inside pumpkins and learned about proportion in a composition.

Weekly News -October 7, 2022

First, thank you for taking the time to help prepare your children for our Mass today. They did such an amazing job, and I’m so proud of them.

There are a lot of important pieces of information in your Friday Folders today along with all the hard work your children have been doing in class. Please make sure you empty the folders, notice your child’s goals, and also sign the folder.

-New Seesaw Codes -I’m so sorry but they have changed this app and I’m realizing that the code I gave you does not offer all the capabilities that I like to use in Seesaw. For example, when your child is sick, it is nice for me to be able to post work in the Activities tab for them to complete at home. This new code will allow you all the other capabilities. Thank you for having patience with me.

-XtraMath -You will find all the information to log in at home. The progress the students are making in class is amazing, however some students are still having trouble with accuracy. It’s not all about speed. I do not award improvement stars unless they are getting yellow or green, meaning they are getting the math facts correct. This is an easy thing to practice at home and it only takes 4-5 minutes!

-Finally, you will find the opt-out form for the safe environment class I will be teaching. Please only sign this if you DO NOT want your child to participate.

**Next Wednesday -Please look for the field trip form for our October 27th trip to Lynden, and a signature page for the VFW essay that we will be dong IN CLASS.**

OCTOBER BOOK REPORT – We are all excited about this one :). Students will be studying the character in their book and creating a fun pumpkin. I’ll put some sample photos in Seesaw but please do not start the actual pumpkin yet (we want them all on display at the end of the month with no rotting)! Also, they will have a written portion on character traits and a story map, which will come home next week. Students were to tell me their book by today.

Math: This week we moved to applying all the mental math strategies we learned from addition to subtraction. We also reviewed addition and subtraction with regrouping, along with regrouping across zeros, which can be a challenge.

Social Studies: In social studies we wrapped up the general map skills with a fun Barefoot Island project. We began learning about the five oceans and will move into the continents next week.

Science: For our fossil unit we made mold fossils this week, which was fun. Students compared the bread and gummies to how fossils are formed in real life!

Religion: This week we practiced for our Mass in the church. We learned about Saint Francis and also celebrated the feast of our Guardian Angels. Students each created their own angel with the prayer. We also wrapped up our unit on the Mass by playing a class Jeopardy game. It’s funny how many don’t know the game jeopardy 😉

Art: The 3rd graders finished their grumpy monkey by adding watercolors to the background and started working on their spooky artwork.


  • Singing and reading do mi and sol pitches on a music staff  
  • Improvising on classroom percussion instruments in a rondo 
  • Beginning to work in groups with the song Shake the Papaya – groups will create motions to go with the song, and each student will compose a 16 beat rhythm pattern to play in the rondo with their group 


-No School, Friday, October 14th (Staff Retreat)

-Free Dress, Thursday, October 13th

Weekly News -September 23, 2022

Dear Families,

Happy Fall!  This week seemed to fly by!  The students were busy testing and we completed the Reading and Math portion of our MAP testing.  Next week we will tackle the language and science one.  They are doing a wonderful job!

Please make sure your child is working his/her way through their book report book.  I always give them at least 15 minutes of DEAR every day, so if they would like to bring their books back and forth, this is an option.  You will find the paper form of the book report in their Friday Folders today.  They will need to bring their books when they present their reports next week.  They will be graded on the oral presentation to the class.

Friday Folders -This week you will start seeing Missing Assignment Reports stapled to your child’s goals for the week.  I try and give these to the students earlier in the week, before they go home to parents. We are learning time management!  Please let me know if you have questions that come up over these.

Working on Social Studies Maps of Campus

Literacy: We have learned Author’s Purpose through PIE (persuade, inform, and entertain) and the students are focusing on P (Persuasive).  They have each chosen a topic to try and persuade their reader (Mr. Anderson).  To do so, we have learned the four square writing method and began the writing process for their first paragraph.  Another thing we explored this week is PQPA (part question, part answer).  I will expect this in all written responses this year. It takes some practice, but they will get it!

Math: This week we dove deeper into the rounding concept with compatible numbers and estimation.  These are difficult concepts but we are taking things slow and getting lots of practice.  We continue with math fact practice, specifically with Xtra Math.  The kids were excited about the new game I introduced called, Boddle.  I can assign standards and it reinforces the concepts we are learning in class, in a game format.  You should be able to find the information to play at home, in your child’s folder, if you would like.

Social Studies: Students are working with a partner to create a map of campus, which includes their compass rose.  Next week we will begin continents and oceans, which are fun to teach!

Science: Students are learning about fossils and this week we did a sort, reading comprehension, and wrapped it up with Mystery Doug with a fossil dig.  So fun!

Religion: We continue to work our way through the Mass.  We are on Liturgy of the Eucharist now.  Please check Friday Folders for Mass parts for our upcoming Mass on October 7th.  PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! 😉

Art: Grumpy Monkey  

Students drew a monkey with an expressive facial face expressing their feelings. 

They learned how the direction of the lines can show movement, position, or feelings. 


  • Singing Solfege patterns using sol, mi and la with accompanying hand symbols
  • Moving to music by dancing a Slavic folk dance called Sasha, and bean bag tossing song Plainsies Clapsies
  • Practicing beat vs. rhythm with the song Rocky Mountain


We missed a day this week due to map testing but on Thursday students completed their first part of their fitnessgram testing. They ran the pacer as a test of their aerobic capacity and tested their flexibility. Students learned about how keeping their bodies active can keep them healthy.

*Book Reports Due September 28th

*Picture Day, Next Tuesday, September 27th **Free Dress

*Animal Blessing -October 4th

*Our Mass -October 7th

*Whatcom Farm Tour Field Trip -October 26th

Newsletter -Friday, September 16th

Thank you again, for taking the time to attend Curriculum Night.  I can’t tell you how nice it was to present in person, and not to a computer on Zoom!  This week the students have been getting used to their routines and easing into the workload and expectations of third grade.  Please remember to look at your child’s agenda every evening and ensure their binder goes back and forth every day.

I’m going to try this week and in the future to post the newsletters here on the classroom webpage.  I’ll send a link every week to remind you to check them but this way we can look back and they are all in one place!*

-Please make sure your child has a pair of working headphones at school.  I had several extras but we seem to still be short a few pairs.

-MAP testing begins next week.  We will be testing Tuesday and Thursday so please refrain from making appointments those mornings.  (There will be no homework prior to the testing to ensure rest and for a break.)

-First field trip -Whatcom Farm Circle scheduled for the afternoon of October 25th.  We will need drivers so mark your calendars.  Permission slips to come home early October.

-Please check Seesaw for photos of the week and tips for homework.


Literacy -Cursive letters d and g, open syllables, writing a variety of responses to independent reading, and publishing All About Me poems.  (There are 15 days of “routines and expectations” that we move through before getting into the first unit in our reading program.)

Math -Review addition facts, place value, rounding to the nearest ten and hundred.

Social Studies –Compass rose, cardinal and intermediate directions.

Science -STEM -If I Built a School, Fossil introduction.

Religion -Mass -Introductory rights, Liturgy of the Word, and mass responses.

Art (Mrs. Santos) – Feelings Shape Drawing.  Inspired by the book Exactly You! The Shape of Your Feelings, the third-grade students turn their own feelings into two-dimensional geometric and organic shapes in no time.


I hope to see you at the Harvest Festival/Spaghetti Dinner this Saturday!


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