Election Day!

What a fun process! We can’t wait to top it off on Monday at our field trip to the courthouse and visiting Judge Jones (regular uniform please). The students learned a lot through this process and will continue to learn about the history of voting rights next week. However, I am holding everyone in suspense until Monday when Adele (one of our candidates) returns. I’m proud of all three of the girls. What great leaders they are!

If you signed up for a conference next Friday, March 8th I should have emailed you a time. All times are filled, however if you would still like a spring conference, please reach out to me.


Reading -This week we learned about Rosa Parks and Cesar Chavez in our reading book. We talked about what made them good leaders and specifically how to pull out important information and write a summary with the main idea. This is a challenging skill but we will be working on it for a good month. At this age they want to give ALL the details!

Writing -We began the process of writing and publishing a third grade book. They are writing about when they grow up. They are silly, creative, and fun! We used the acronym OREO (Opinion, Reasons, Examples, and Opinion-restating). Their paragraphs are getting solid and it’s so exciting to see them at the point of adding detail and expanding their ideas more. Look for an order form for these great books soon!

Math – Mathematicians are solidifying their division facts as we quickly cruised through the chapter. We end with multi step problems and order of operations next week though and those are harder concepts. Keep practicing those facts!

Religion –This week the students enjoyed a Lenten Bible Hunt with a friend. They were given questions and verses to find the answers. They did an amazing job! Students also had an opportunity to go to Reconciliation so we did a thorough examination of conscience.

Science -Scientists did two engaging activities through Mystery Science this week on traits and genetics. Specifically we looked at selection, breeding, how plants and animals have evolved.

Social Studies -Government Unit -Students should be quite familiar with the three branches by now and how the election process works (a nice election ;)) They creative a tree with the three branches as a visual and we are looking forward to Mondays field trip to gain more information.

Spanish -This week in Spanish class, students labeled their family pictures and described their family in Spanish to a small group. 

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