Friday, March 8

Happy Friday! Another short week but I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet with several of you to support your child second semester. What a great group of kids and I’m grateful for all of you!

**PENNY WARS PIZZA PARTY -We will be celebrating this victory on Tuesday. You will not have to pack a lunch that day. Students will be awarded this lunch, along with a celebratory ice cream sundae! Congratulations, class!!

I’m just hoping that I can ask one of you to go to Lakeway and pick up the pizza from Little Cesars and deliver it by noon that day (Tuesday). If you are able to volunteer to do this, please reach out to me.

We had a lovely field trip to the courthouse and visit with Judge Jones! Thank you volunteers. It’s really one of my favorites with the class and how special that it was his youngest daughter’s class!


Literacy – This week we read a nonfiction passage on the history of voting, specifically for African Americans and women. Students used the 5W framework to write a summary with the main idea and they are doing great with this! We also began a Readers Theater Unit on Saint Patrick’s Day and they are having a blast. In writing we are working on an opinion piece based on what they want to do/be when they grow up. I’m breaking it down to add similes, and make their writing more engaging to read.

Math -Mathematicians wrapped up their unit on division after spending a few days on order of operations. I assured them they will revisit this concept year after year and build on their foundation. Next week we will dive into fractions, another fun math concept!

Social Studies -In social studies this week we wrapped up our government unit. Next week we will get back into landforms.

Science -Scientists looked at selection this week. We learned that natural selection can even happen without humans. The students were very intrigued on how dogs have been bread and we did an experiment about geckos, based off a real life island near Florida.

Religion -For religion we continue to learn through our Lenten journeys but we also began a chapter on Noah and God’s covenant. Students will be praying the stations of the cross around the school next week.

Spanish -This week in Spanish class, we created a family tree with all the family vocabulary we’ve learned. Then, students asked each other questions about their families, and made a graph about siblings.

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