Friday, April 12

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful spring break. We had a great week in third grade!

Rollerskating Bash for ALL of third grade!! Friday, May 10th. Please mark your calendars and plan to drop your children off at 6pm, hungry and ready to party!! Thank you, LeTellier Family!

Class Photos-Tuesday, April 16th. Dress uniforms.

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Family Life -Next week we will be starting a unit titled Family Life. This explores God’s plan for the family and is a new curriculum taught in our school in coordination with our religion curriculum. You will be receiving a book in your Wednesday Envelope next week titled Parent Connection. There are some family prayers, parenting and family suggestions, and how to navigate the world we live in. These are NOT consumable and checked out to you. You may keep them as long as you would like to use them, but if you feel that you will not be using them, please return them.

April Book Report -Students have had their books approved and should be working through them at this point. Selections will come home next week. This month’s reports will be due on April 30th.


Religion -Happy Easter! We learned that Easter lasts 8 days and the Easter Season lasts 50 in the Catholic Church! We then specifically focused on the Paschal Candle and some Easter traditions.

Literacy -Authors are progressing through the writing process and writing creative stories. I gave them some options, guided them through a story hook and they are applying their knowledge of figurative speech, plot, and good sentence structure. They are truly off and running and having so much fun at it! For reading we read a fictional story about a coyote and a rabbit, which the students enjoyed. We searched for comparative and superlative adjectives and hyperboles. In addition this week we learned idioms.

Math -Mathematicians wrapped up the first chapter on fractions and have moved into comparing fractions. We are still practicing math facts every day as well!

Science -Our new unit is weather and climate. This week we brainstormed questions and had a little competition. Students explored what clouds are, how they are formed, and are learning the different types of clouds.

Social Studies -We are in the middle of two units now as we progress through this spring. Busy busy! First, we learned the regions of the United States this week and will relate it to Native American Tribes, leading up to our field trip on the 24th. Second, I’m sure you have heard about our Mexico focus. They are so excited! Next week we will get in research groups and begin gathering specific information.

Art – Building the Leaning Tower of Pisa: A 3D Paper Art LessonStudents will create a 3D model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa using paper, incorporating values to add texture to the windows, while exploring the concept of perspective in art.

Spanish -This week in Spanish, students practiced pet and family vocabulary with a crossword and matching games.

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