Friday, March 22nd

Happy Spring! This time of year is so fun as a teacher. The students are truly off and running and it’s amazing to see the growth from the beginning of the year.

A great way to start the week. Welcoming Ryan back and celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with Readers Theater and a special popcorn treat.

Book Reports -Students should have their directions based on their selections now and able to have fun this month relating a project to the plot of their book. These are due by Thursday, but please send them in as you finish so we can share throughout the week. Also, if your child is eager to begin their April book, please go for it! We have Spring Break to start and I’d love for them to take advantage of that reading time! I’ll require students to tell me their April book by the 8th when we return.


Literacy – This week students took on our new fictional unit and read a version of Cinderella from her point of view. We looked at perspective in the story, and learned about superlative and comparative adjectives, along with hyperboles. It’s so fun to see them recognizing all the figurative language we’ve been learning in their own books and our read alouds. For writing we wrapped up our opinion pieces and are getting into a creative story. These should be fun!

Math– Third graders dove deeper into fractions this week and looked at a number line, fractions greater than one, and even plotted their names in fractions.

Religion- As we approach Holy Week we are preparing to learn about the Triduum, and the Passion of Christ. In our religion books this week we covered virtue vs. vices and faithful vs. unfaithful.

Social Studies– The students and I are having fun with our new curriculum and learning together all the online portal can offer. It’s fun to see them discover new features, share their findings, and teach each other. This week we looked at the natural features of deserts and oceans.

Science -We completely wrapped up our unit on Genetics/Heredity this week. The students wrote a letter to someone about all they’ve learned, with a rubric to guide them in explaining their knowledge.

Spanish -This week in Spanish, we designed cards to give to family members. We also learned vocabulary to name our pets.

I’m incredibly proud of these 8 students who have completely passed out of multiplication and division fact fluency through our Xtra Math Program. I know more students will be joining them soon and ALL students are improving! Keep up the great work and congratulations to these!

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