Fabulous Fourth Grade Newsletter

Dear Families,

We have finished week 1 of the MAP testing, and your children are doing great! They are working diligently. Thank you for the support at home for their appointments at a minimum and good snacks for them for the day. We worked on reading and science this week. Next week, we will be doing the language and the math tests on Tuesday and Thursday. We will probably be doing make-up tests on Wednesday because a lot of people did not finish their science test on this week.

Here is a link for the Weekends with Pebbles Sign up!


Paula Martin-Zender


Religion – Fourth Grade Theologians began the Second Step curriculum of goal making as stated above. We also had our first prayer meditation where we met Jesus in our imagination.,

Language – For reading, we began My Father’s Dragon as a class, analyzing vocabulary, characters and plot. In writing, we wrote about a conflict that could be solved positively. No spelling this week due to MAP testing. The grammar’s focus was on nouns.

Math – Mathematicians reviewed addition and subtraction up to six digits.

Science – Scientists planned and now are collaboratively creating a mystical creature from the material we have in the school.

Social Studies – We are looking at various kinds of maps and how they work and compared them to a globe.

Tuesday, September 26 – Picture Day

September 26 & 28 – MAP Testing

Thursday, September 28 – Book Report is due!


Physical Education – This week in PE we learned how to strike the ball playing “regular” 4 square and other variations including around the world, war and cherry bomb.  We also discussed the responsibilities of the server and helping everyone understand the game.

Music –  This week in music class we sang, moved, and practiced raising the pitch with the song “Good Morning.” We presented and practiced a new rhythm – eighth note attached to two sixteenths. Finally, we practiced reading and playing music in a variety of tempos.

Spanish – Una nota de Señora Anna-This week we continued our Spanish journals by writing about our favorite colors. We reviewed colors and listened for color words in context.

Students planning their 3D Mythical Creature!

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