Fabulous Fourth Grade Newsletter – March 8, 2024 Edition

Dear Families, March 8, 2024

Fractions, Fractions, Fractions! We had a lot of fun working with fractions this week, especially on Thursday! Mrs. Gage came in and helped us make refrigerator cookies that we used a lot of measuring with fractions. We enjoyed those cookies for lunch on Thursday. Thank you, Mrs. Gage!

Book reports are going to be written this time. We will write it in class. However, students need to be done with their books as they walk in the door on Thursday, March 14th.

Helping during Math times are here! I have added dates through the end of the year.

There is just one more opening for Pebbles Weekend Fun!


Paula A. Martin-Zender


Religion – Fourth Grade Theologians learned and discussed God, the Father.
Language – Fourth grade readers are reading Shiloh, a book about a family living in West Virginia. For spelling, we focused on words ending with-er or -or. We also are honing in on our summarizing non-fiction by finding “Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How” and then using those to write a good solid paragraph.
Math – Mathematicians are learning about the concepts of adding and subtracting with like denominators as well as converting fractions from improper fractions to mixed numbers and back. Lots of number fun!
Social Studies – We are beginning a unit diving into Native American in Washington asking the essential question: “How did God’s Creation affect Native peoples of Washington?”

Sunday, March 10 – Daylight Savings Time!

Thursday, March 14 – Written book reports to be written in class. All students MUST have their books finished reading by that morning!

Friday, March 15 – Mass – dress uniform!


Spanish – Una nota de Señora Anna- This week in Spanish, students discussed clothing for different types of weather. We also played a game of “guess who” by using clothing and color vocabulary to ask questions.

Art – We are studying a “Picture of the Day” which is: Lady with an Ermine (Cecilia Gallerani), by Leonardo da Vinci. The students have a small talk about art appreciation and how to observe and describe artworks using their senses.

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