Fabulous Fourth Grade Newsletter – February 9, 2024 Edition

Dear Families, February 9, 2024

It is nice to have a full week to dive into good academics this week! In science, we have been learning different vocabulary words for biomes/ecosystems in our world. We are going to be using those new learnings as students have picked a biome to deep dive into to teach the rest of the class. They have been paired up to make a poster identifying how the vocabulary is portrayed in each of their interested ecosystem. For instance, they are researching the “biotic” and “abiotic” things in the chosen ecosystem and how the interact with each other. If you ask them, I trust they will remember what that vocabulary is! 🙂

We had so much fun with our buddies this week, making a Valentine’s Day art project with them!

In the Friday Folder, student are going to receive a “National Parks Pass.” Thanks to one of our fourth grade parents, Julia Gage, she organized getting the pass free for all fourth graders in our class! Go and enjoy a national park! There are many in our state! Here is a link to find them out!

New dates for helping during Math times are here!


Paula A. Martin-Zender


Religion – Fourth Grade Theologians learned more about God the Father and how we are created in God’s image and likeness. We discussed how we need to continue to be focused on developing our virtues. We also discussed “rethinking” from our Second Step program, analyzing how that could help in our own lives. Finally, we spent time in adoration on Wednesday.
Language – Fourth grade readers began reading Shiloh which is our next book about a family living in West Virginia. For spelling, we focused on words with soft g (/j/) words. Students also presented their book reports this week.
Math – Mathematicians worked equivalent fractions, both multiplying the numerator and the denominator. We also worked on simplifying fractions by dividing the numerator and denominator.
Science – We picked a biome to deep dive into learning and then teaching others.

Tuesday, February 13 – Celebrate Valentine’s Day. Red, pink and white dress up day!

Wednesday, February 14 – Ash Wednesday – Dress uniform – Mass at 12:30

Friday, February 16 – Teacher development day – No school.

Monday-Tuesday, February 19-20 – President’s Day and mid-winter break – No School


Spanish – Una nota de Señora Anna- This week in Spanish, students showed their knowledge of weather vocabulary by completing a mini-project. Some students made a crossword puzzle, others created a short book, and others conducted a survey of weather preferences. 

Art – In art, this week we focused on “The Great Wave” with Lines and Watercolor. Students explored the famous Japanese painting “The Great Wave” by Katsushika Hokusai. They are learning about the different parts of the painting and how it’s designed. Then, they are using what they’ve learned to create their own wave scenes with simple lines and watercolor. They are adding their own special touches to make their pictures unique.

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