Fabulous Fourth Grade Newsletter – January 26, 2024 edition


Dear Families, January 26, 2024

Half of the year is over! I have been and will be continuing to work on report cards this weekend. Because of that, there is no Friday Folder coming home today. It will be sent home on Tuesday instead. I need time to go over each students’ material so I can comment on the most recent work your children have produced.

This week was busy! Students presented their Washington Region they had worked collaboratively. They also created a “Pet Care Magazine” that they are very proud of!

We are excited to honor our parents on Tuesday! You are invited to have lunch with your children! Recess is at 11:30 and lunch is at noo-12:30. See you then!

Students are invited to wear their uniform to the Parishes that are not at Assumption this weekend to honor Catholic Schools Week. February 4th will be the day that Assumption Parish has students in uniforms. There will be an Open House that day too! Please come and invite anyone interested in Assumption Catholic School! from 11:30-1:30! I will be here then!

Also, here is a link for the Weekends with Pebbles Sign up!


Paula A. Martin-Zender


Religion – Fourth Grade Theologians compared the Apostles’ Creed to the Nicene Creed and learned about their history. We had great discussions as to what is the Holy Trinity this week. Finally, the saint we are learning about is St. Catherine of Alexandria.
Language – Fourth grade readers worked hard on researching and then making a Pet Care Magazine for language this week. We are also beginning a series of reading and writing non-fiction texts and writing a good paragraph to summarize it. In spelling, we focused on words with silent consonants.
Math – Mathematicians worked on factors of using divisibility rules in order to learn about prime and composites. We also learned about multiples.
Science – We are starting a unit on biomes.

Social Studies – Students researched the regions of Washington, created and presented a Power Point on that region.

Monday, January 29 – No School – Report Card writing for teachers

Sunday, January 28-Sunday, February 4 – Catholic Schools Week

Tuesday, January 30 – Catholic Schools Week celebration of Parents! Come to lunch at noon! We would love to see you!

Sunday, February 4 – Open House for Assumption Catholic Schools 11:30-1:30 Invite anyone interested in our wonderful school!

Thursday, February 7 – Book Talk – 3-5 objects in a bag to tell about the book read.


Spanish – Una nota de Señora Anna- This week in Spanish, we continued to practice weather and season vocabulary. We listened for words like “nieve” (snow) while watching a video about a snowman, and played a drawing game to see if we could guess each other’s weather word!

Art – Exploring Human Proportions through Skiing Characters -Students will learn about human proportions by using basic shapes to create characters engaged in skiing activities. Students will practice drawing and refining their characters to demonstrate an understanding of human body proportions. 

Music – This week in music we are singing and moving to the song Clock Round and analyzing the rhythms in the song. WE are learning about Johann Sebastian Bach and the time period in which he was alive as well as listening to and analyzing Brandenburg Concert No. 3  by Bach.

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