Fabulous Fourth Grade Newsletter – November 3, 2023

Dear Families,

Wow! What a week! As a student said to me: “We had a lot of celebrating this week with Halloween, a birthday and a going-away party!” Why yes, we did do a lot of celebrating! Thank you to all the parents that sent/brought things in for it as well as helping put on the events! You are appreciated by my students and me!

Next week is not slowing down! We celebrating Vocation Week by listening to a Sister and a Brother and asking them questions. We had a great discussion as to what vocations are. We had parents that came for the party today share their vocations of marriage, being parents as well as their career they have been called to do. I invited students to ask their parents what their vocation is.

Thursday, November 6th is Veterans Day. Our class is responsible for it at 8:15 am. All scouts, please wear your uniform and accompany the Colors up the aisle. You are welcome to come. However, if you have a family member that is a veteran, please invite them. Either if they can come, they can’t come or they have passed away, we would like to honor them by creating a bulletin board with their picture and other information. Go to this link if you would like to do that.


Religion – Fourth Grade Theologians finished their Saints Power Points and many of them have presented them. We still have a few more to finish and present. We also learned about vocations to prepare for Vocations week next week.
Language – For reading, we are continuing to read My Father’s Dragon as a class, analyzing vocabulary, characters and plot. In writing, we focused on synonyms Spelling this week was the long o sound with: o, ow, and oa.
Math – Mathematicians have finished chapter 2, multiplying one digit to up to four digits. They have begun chapter 3 which is two-digits times two-digits. Next week, I will be teaching the concepts of how we get to the “regrouping” method. If students understand the concepts before they learn the faster method the success goes up. So, bear with us. We will get to the way that parents multiply! 🙂 If students do not know their multiplication facts by now, it will be much harder for them. So, please support your child by testing him/her on these facts daily!
Science – We are learning about sound waves and experimenting with various waves and pitches. Social Studies – We are learning about cultures and how our environment affects our culture.

Thursday, November 9 – Veterans Day Prayer Service 8:15 am – dress uniform – We are responsible! Sign up here to honor a veteran!

Friday, November 17 – Grandparent Day – Mass – Dress uniform

Thursday, November 9 – Veteran’s Day Prayer Service – We are in charge! 8:15


Spanish – Una nota de Señora Anna-This week in Spanish, we learned about the celebration of Día de los Muertos (Oct. 31-Nov. 2). We especially focused on the meaning of the ofrenda (alter to celebrate those who have passed on from this life) and the items it includes. We also learned how to draw a calavera!
Physical Education – This week in PE we reviewed overhand throwing and catching cues, practiced throwing and catching various sized balls, and played games using our throwing and catching skills called Catch Everything, Mat ball and Protect the Pin.

Music – This week in music class we Completed Episode 4 Secret Chicken, the aural skills rhythm decoding series; created a story using sound effects; and learned the song and dance Old Brass Wagon. 

Art – Students learned about the natural textures and colors of turkey feathers and explored the oil pastel blending technique to create a vibrant representation of turkey feathers.

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