Friday, January 12th

Happy Friday! I hope you are staying warm. I know the students were rooting for snow this week, but I’m grateful we had this full week of learning before the three- day weekend.

Next week we will be diving into a unit on genetics, family history, and heredity. I’ll be sending home some items to collect data, as well as interview sheets for parents, and eventually grandparents. It is helpful for me to know (if I don’t already) any sensitive family situations so I can be aware of to help your child through the process.

Multiplication Games!


Literacy– This week we read about King Midas and his greedy ways. Students used text evidence to answer comprehension questions, identified similes, and looked at the plot of a story once again. In writing this week we wrote the second and third paragraphs of our self-essays and wrote a paragraph about their dreams (after learning about Martin Luther King Jr.)

Math– Third graders wrapped up the final unit on multiplication before diving into division. This is where it gets really important to know those facts!

Social Studies– This week we began a non fiction book on Ellis Island together. Students were also to get on a program called Readworks to read more about immigration at their reading level, covering comprehension and vocabulary as well. Next week the students will get their assigned roles and start learning about who they will become. I can’t wait! IMMIGRATION DAY IS FEBRUARY 5TH.

Religion -For religion this week we covered the dignity of every human, how we are created in the image and likeness of God, and the difference between body and souls. We learned more about the life of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, a great saint!

Science -This week scientists looked at the life cycle of mosquitos and made claims as to how they would prevent the

Art -Tangram Shape Art -Students will explore the world of tangrams, identifying and constructing shapes using their tangram sets. They will explore the impact of fundamental shape elements on both the final composition of the tangram and the visual art examples. The journey will unfold through a narrative, guiding students to craft geometric animals. 

SpanishUna nota de Señora Anna- This week in Spanish, we decorated days of the week, month, and season words to use on our classroom calendar. Then, we reviewed numbers 1-30 so we can talk about dates on the calendar.

Music – This week in music we are…Playing music in a variety of tempos, and reviewing sixteenth notes. Dancing the Sasha dance . Keeping a steady beat and learning a partner clapping activity in Japanese called O Mochi.

Read-In Fun!

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