Music News ~ September 16th-20th

Kindergarten: This week, students are learning how to sing a response (a solo!) and are introduced to the concepts of quiet/loud and high/low. 

1st Grade: This week, students are being assessed on their ability to track a  steady beat in a song. Some of the activities they will be doing is using their high/low pitched voices in the poem Grandma’s Glasses, and practicing vowels in the song Apples and Bananas. 

2nd Grade: This week, students are learning about whole notes in music using the song I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, and learning how to label ABA form. 

3rd Grade: This week, students are reviewing solfege patterns and hand motions for re, mi, sol and la. They are also practicing finding these solfege syllables on a staff, and reviewing note reading for quarter notes and eighth notes using the song Rocky Mountain.  

4th Grade: This week, students are learning two part singing with the song Old Joe Clark, and learning how to identify instruments in the Brass family. 

String Orchestra (5th & 6th Grades): This week, students are learning the open string names of their instruments, and learning how to hold the bow. 

Music News ~ September 9th-13th

It was a great second week of school! Here is our class news by grade, along with a few pictures of the classroom this year:

A visual aid to help with listening to and analyzing music
The classroom rules
A new addition to the classroom – sit spots
The musical word wall

Kindergarten: This week in music class, kindergartners are learning to differentiate between singing and speaking voices and using different vocal timbres. They are also creating new verses to the song You’ve Got To Sing.

1st Grade: This week, students are exploring tempo with the song The Grand Old Duke of York. They are also labeling beat and rhythm with the song Choo Choo Train, and continuing to practice classroom procedures.

2nd Grade: This week in music class students are reviewing that high/low notes can be called sol and mi using the song Hill Hill. They are also learning the difference between tempo and dynamics.

3rd Grade: This week in music class students are reviewing sol-mi-la note patterns with the song Plansies Clapsies. Students are also learning about accented beats and time signatures in music.

4th grade: This week in music class students are learning about different musical tempos with the song Chester. They are also working on musicality and singing with expression with the song Grandfather’s Clock.

Junior String Orchestra (5th & 6th Grade): This week in Orchestra, students are learning about instrument care, rest position, playing position, and pizzicato.

Music News ~ September 1st-September 7th

Welcome back to music class! It’s going to be another incredible year making music together! Here is our news for the week:

Kindergarten: The theme for music class this week is following directions. Students are learning classroom procedures through songs, chants, and movement activities.

1st Grade: Students are learning classroom procedures and reviewing musical concepts. They are reviewing beat, their 4 voices (speaking, whisper, calling and singing), and call and response singing,

2nd and 3rd Grade: Students are learning classroom procedures, and reviewing musical concepts from last year. They are reviewing beat vs. rhythm, musical opposites, and quarter and eight note patterns in songs.

4th Grade: Students are learning and practicing classroom procedures, and reviewing eighth, quarter and sixteenth notes. They will also be working with a musical staff and learning the letter names of the notes.

Orchestra (5th & 6th Grade): I will be going to the 5th and 6th Grade classrooms to giving them information about Orchestra class and how to choose an instrument for those who are interested in joining. All students that are wanting to be part of Orchestra should have an instrument by our first class on Friday!