Class Syllabi

Music Syllabus K-4
Orchestra Syllabus 2019-2020

Students at Assumption will develop important musicianship skills in music class…

Singing: The skill of using a singing voice to exhibit correct breathing, posture, range, expression and intonation.

Inner Hearing: The ability to hear a melody inside one’s head without acoustical stimulation.

Movement: The ability for students to express space, time and force using their bodies.

Music Reading: The skill where students translate symbols of music (music notation) into sounds of music.

Writing: The skill of translating the sound of music into music notation.

Improvisation: The skill of spontaneously creating rhythms, melodies and movement.

Composition: The creative outlet to create rhythms and melodies in written form.

Form: The phrase structure of a piece of music.

Memory: Music memory is a crucial skill in developing musical abilities.

Listening: The ability to aurally understand and visually analyze a piece of music.

Conducting: The ability to perform a beat to a musical working using standard conducting gestures.

Instrumental Development: The ability to recognize music instruments both visually and aurally, and to play rhythm and melody on classroom instruments. Recorders are taught in 4th grade, and Strings in 5th and 6th Grades.

Harmonic Development: Aurally and visually identifying basic chord progressions.

Terminology: The ability to use standard musical terms and symbols.