Newsletter for the Week of November 26, 2018

I hope that you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend!  I am thankful because my class has the reputation of having the greatest, most supportive parents.  After having met all of you at the conferences, I have to say that this ‘rumor’ is true!  I am also grateful that my little students make me laugh, sometimes to the point of tears!


What’s up?

Math: Students are studying decimals.  They are comparing the value of decimals to the thousandths place and adding them with regrouping.  They are writing decimals in standard form, word form, and expanded form.

Writing: Students worked on writing a strong conclusion.  We are also continuing to expand our vocabulary with the use of the thesaurus.

Religion: Students studied chapter six in their “Blest Are We” text.  They made pictures of sacramentals that are used in the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.   I have been slowly testing individuals for their fifth-grade prayers.  Students are going to the church to have a lesson with Father Scott on the liturgical calendar and the various colors of the Liturgical Year.

ELA: Students reviewed pronouns and how to properly use them in sentences.

Science: Students are working in groups to finish their food webs.  I have extended the due date to Monday since the posters are not completed.  Students have researched some of the organisms within a given habitat and have labeled the organisms as consumers, producers, or decomposers.  They are showing the energy flow within the food webs.

Literacy: Students have finished the first round of “Because of Winn-Dixie,” “Among the Hidden,” and “A Year Down Yonder.”  We will begin the second round of the same books on Monday.  These books are so good that I want all of the students to read at least two out of three of them.  Students went to the library on Thursday and checked out fictional books on the Holocaust.  They are to read these books on their own time and create a diorama that will be due on the first day back after Christmas break.  I have included pictures of samples of “book reports” on my web page.

Social Studies: Students are studying five Native American tribes: the Makah, the Mississippians, the Creek, the Anasazi, and Cherokee.


Music: Grades 4 & 5: This week in music class, students are preparing for the Foundation event that takes place this Thursday by working on singing together and matching pitch and tempo. They are also preparing songs for the Christmas Program, and reviewing rhythmic notation.

Spanish: First Grade through 5th grade continued working on the home by drawing and labeling their bedrooms. They also worked on adjectives and expanding their vocabulary and 3rd-5th grade continued putting sentences together.

Physical Education: In physical education the students are working together and are successful at 5 – 6 man stunts!!  Holding firm your own weight contributes to the success of another supporting you.  Communication is important for successful support in building a stunt. SLE 3. An effective communicator who: expresses oneself through the arts and technology. November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetes is a condition that prevents the pancreas from making insulin. Insulin is the hormone that helps get energy (glucose) to the body.  Students will review how the pancreas works and are playing tag to simulate insulin getting energy to cells, so we can move! What is “added sugar”?

ART: Fifth grade artists are working on tessellations as a math/art project. Some of the students are working on rotations in their tessellations.