Friday, May 10

I’m excited to see the students tonight and skate and PARTY! See you at 6pm!

Huge thank you to Koda, his father Dakota, and grandfather who came to share their culture and teach us about the Lummi and Native traditions. The students learned a blessing song, got to sample some amazing smoked salmon, and even fry bread!

Mother’s Day Cafe – All moms are invited to join us on Monday at 2:00. From poetry, stories, and writing, the students have so much to share, but we will crunch it in ;).

Book Report -Your child should be working through their biography/autobiography. Some are close to finishing or done already. As they finish, students will be creating notecards, and practicing, practicing, practicing. They will enter the classroom, in costume, acting as their person, speaking only in first person. These are fabulous!

Missoula Children’s Theatre -Next week is the week! IF your child is participating in this wonderful opportunity they will be excused from homework for the week. I can’t wait to see the production this year.

Multicultural Fair –Mark your calendars for Friday, May 31st. The students are working hard researching, and learning so much! Each student has a part in creating their display, writing, and educating us on a portion of the country of Mexico.

MAP Testing -This week we completed reading and science. The growth was truly amazing! I told the students they would earn a SI Star for each number above their projected growth. We had many students surpassing their growth number by more than 10 points. WOW!

Prayer Testing -We have finished breaking down our last prayer for third grade (Apostles Creed) and are now practicing it every day at school. Students are expected to master this, saying it to me for their cumulative prayer cards. Please practice this at home as well. Each child brought home a beautifully crafted cursive version this week.

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