Friday, May 3

What a week! Fun Run, field trip, projects, and lots of learning! The students are busily preparing for their special Mother’s Day Cafe, the Multicultural Fair, and so much more during this busy time of year. This is my all-time favorite month and I’m soaking up every minute with this group.

HUGE THANK YOU!!! The appreciation was felt, heartwarming, and so loved this week. What a great group of students, parents, and I appreciate all of you just as much! <3

SKATE BASH -Mrs. Russell, Coach Eager, and I are incredibly excited to celebrate this wonderful group of kids! The Rollerskating Bash is in the Assumption Gym and you will drop off excited, hungry, and happy kids at 6pm. We have skates and everything they need; helmets and pads if preferred! ALL PARENTS MUST FILL OUT THE FORM HERE: 

If you know your child will not be attending I would really appreciate you letting me know as I’m planning a little additional surprise for this group.

Book Reports -NEW -This month students have selected a biography or autobiography book to read. Upon completion the students will dress up and become this person. This is truly one of my favorite projects and a great way to wrap up book reports in third grade.

MAP Testing -We will begin next week, testing on Tuesday and Thursday. For the next three weeks we will not have homework and this is due to testing and Missoula Children’s Theater the following week. Enjoy ;).

Mother’s Day Cafe -Come let us share our writing, poetry, and celebrate the most important ladies in our lives. Monday, May 13th, at 2:00pm. The students are working so hard to prepare a nice afternoon for you.


Literacy -The class wrapped up their creative stories, and worked on their poetry books in writing. For reading we began a book on Weather and Climate, creating a great cross curriculum unit. We read a poem on clouds reflecting on figurative speech, specifically metaphors. We also read a nonfiction piece on the topic.

Math -Mathematicians began a unit on measurement, starting with time. This can be a difficult concept for students. Do you have any analogue clocks or watches the students can practice on? It’s great practical content, specifically elapsed time.

Social Studies -Students were able to meet in their groups for their Mexico research projects. We are in the early stage of gathering information.

Science -Scientists looked at weather data in three different cities and looked at patterns to determine which city would be best to hold a snow festival. We looked closer at the difference between weather and climate in our reading book as well.

Spanish – This week in Spanish, we practiced adjectives. We wrote a description of our pets and played “guess who” with describing words spoken only in Spanish!

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