Thursday, November 9, 2023

Happy Veteran’s Day! This week flew by and I hope you have a wonderful long weekend celebrating the veterans in your life. The prayer service was beautiful today and we also learned the history of the poppy through a story.

GRANDPARENT’S DAY -Students are busy and excited to celebrate their grandparents next Friday. A couple things to note; first, we are doing the Mass so unfortunately I’m asking that all students sit with me at Mass and not with their families. I know this is a bummer but with the parts and our ending activity, I need them all together. (We will meet in the classroom at 10:10 for our Mass at 10:30). Our class will also be doing a short little performance at the 9am program in the gym, and you are welcome to attend as well! They are excited to be on stage ;). Remember this is for grandparents OR grandfriends!

Multiplication Facts -It’s that time of year already! I’m going to be asking students to begin memorizing facts. This happens with YOUR help. We will be doing timed tests (yes, I know this does not work for all students) but it is important for all to be practicing both at school and at home. Students will be bringing a laminated piece of paper and a special pen home every night to practice whatever number they are on. All will begin with multiplying by 2’s next week. It’s really important that these go home and come back every day and remain in their binders. Bringing them back clean will prove to me they are practicing at home. Thank you for your help in this important part of the year!


Math This week took unit three math test and the students did exceptionally well. We began learning multiplication facts now that we have the foundation. This week we learned 2’s and 4’s. We have songs and many strategies to build on.

Religion -It was an amazing week with all our guests for National Vocation Week. The students had great questions and truly listened with open hearts.

Literacy -For reading this week students worked on the skill of making inferences. We read in reading groups and are wrapping up the animal adaptations by creating our own imaginary animals with elements we learned about. For writing students are completing the writing process with their creative dino stories and also writing about when/if they become grandparents. They are working on adding details to their paragraph writing.

Music This week in music class we are:Completing Episode 4 Secret Chicken – the aural skills rhythm decoding series Creating a story using sound effectsLearning the song and dance Old Brass Wagon.

Spanish Una nota de Señora Anna- This week in Spanish, we learned the days of the week in Spanish. We learned a fun song to remember the days of the week, and practiced reading the days of the week with a color-by-day worksheet.

Art –Step-by-Step Turkey Drawing for 3rd Grade Objective: Students will learn how to draw a turkey step by step, focusing on basic shapes and lines, enhancing their drawing skills and creativity.

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