Friday, November 3, 2023

Wow, what a week! From Halloween and All Saints Day, to our field trip and Bakery Day! So many great memories made!

Book Reports -The pumpkins were amazing! Hopefully you had fun with this and now we are off in running in November. Please have your child choose a fiction story at their reading level. I’d like to approve these by Tuesday. We missed our library time but the students are now allowed to self check out in the library. YAY!

Vocation Week -Next week we are celebrating National Vocation Awareness Week. I’m so exited for this! We will have guest speakers from a variety of vocations; priests, sisters, brothers, deacons! You might even catch them playing with the students are recess. I think they are just as excited. They will visit the classrooms and answer questions.


Math This week we explored arrays, cumulative property of multiplication, and wrapped up the week with our Bakery Array, putting all the knowledge into practice!

Religion -Students worked on their Saint PowerPoint and we attended All Saints Day Mass. The saint costumes were amazing this year! THANK YOU!

Science-This week students completed a science assessment on fossils and we wrapped up the unit. They are still working on their dinosaur stories and we will use next week to focus on the writing process.

Literacy -For reading this week students worked on making inferences, as well as main idea and supporting details. We read about camels and penguins and their structural adaptations.

Music This week in music class we are:Completing Episode 4 Secret Chicken – the aural skills rhythm decoding series Creating a story using sound effectsLearning the song and dance Old Brass Wagon.

Spanish Una nota de Señora Anna- This week in Spanish, we learned about the celebration of Día de los Muertos (Oct. 31-Nov. 2). We especially focused on the meaning of the ofrenda (alter to celebrate those who have passed on from this life) and the items it includes. We practiced the names of the items on an ofrenda by playing Bingo!

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