Friday, October 27th

Happy Friday! It was a great week in third grade and our paleontologists were hard on the job Thursday. It was fun to have parents in the room to join the learning.

VFW Essay -Please locate the permission slip in your child’s Friday Folder today, sign and return on Monday. I am going to have them complete these in class, however I unfortunately thought I would have more time to work on these with the students. We will see what we can do in a short couple days. Again, all you have to do is sign the form and we will do them in class.

Book Reports -Due Tuesday. Pumpkin, written portion, and ready to orally present and share. I can’t wait!

Field Trip– We will be departing Assumption on Thursday at 9:30. Thank you to all the drivers. As you know we have plenty of parents, so if you have decided this is something you may not attend, please know that we will be ok 😉 (Students will be in regular uniform for this day.)

Halloween/All Saints Day -Our amazing room parents Jessie and Sherry are planning our celebration and hopefully you got the volunteer sign up for that. All are welcome, Tuesday at 1:30. This will be an Orange and Black dress day. For All Saints Day, I encourage the students to dress up as a saint and they can wear that all day. If they are not dressing up Wednesday is a dress uniform day.

Literacy -We continued working on persuasive writing with a letter. In reading we looked at making inferences and wrapping up the second part of our animal adaptations unit. We continued to look at how good readers ask questions when they read.

Math -Third graders began exploring the concept of multiplication and how it relates to addition (repeated addition). We made equal groups and also looked at how to use a number line to help. This is an important chapter to grasp before we really start mastering those facts.

Social Studies -Students took a test on the location of the five oceans and seven continents. Ask them about the songs we learned to help with this!

Religion -This week we took our assessment on Chapter 3 and began our All Saints Day research. Students will be learning how to organize this in a PowerPoint presentation next week. See above for information on dressing up.

SpanishUna nota de Señora Anna-This week in Spanish, we matched types of clothing to weather and practiced writing weather words in Spanish. We also reviewed colors with a fall themed color by number!

Music – This week in music class we are: Completing Episode 3 Secret Chicken – the aural skills rhythm decoding series, Singing Old Joe Clark in 2 parts and Singing and adding instrumental accompaniment to the song Skin and Bones.

PE – Reviewed overhand throwing and catching cues. Practiced throwing and catching various sized balls. Played games using our throwing and catching skills called Catch Everything, Mat ball and Protect the Pin. 

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